This is our Elite deli case, we also carry
the Elite in a bakery case. The deli case is built with a gravity coil
on the top side, the gravity coil takes the moisture and the heat out of the box at a
very slow pace to keep moisture within the case. The bakery case is built with a four stair
system where we blow the air within the case it’s a little bit dryer for the bakery but
it’s equivalent two levels of shelving plus the deck. Outside exteriors are available with black
or gray we have side view mirrors to see into the sides so you have full view from both
the front and the ends and also removable rear doors for easy cleaning so that you can
take the doors out and access the case for loading or cleaning. It is built with a self evaporation system
below the deck area where the compressor will take the heat from the compressor and evaporate
any water due to the refrigeration system.