Guyz, welcome to the first video of Thailand Series In this video i’ll take you from delhi to bangkok in the cheapest airline nokscoot I’ll also tell you that at airports how you can have free unlimited food with free unlimited drinks in this video I’m leaving for the Thailand & Cambodia trip well thailand second time last time i went to phuket and pattaya if you have not watched the last videos, go and watch them you can now see their link flashing on the i button above or find the link in description for detailed info visit my blog link is in description This time I’m going to Koh Samui in Thailand and after that after attending the full moon party in koh phangan i’ll spend 2-3 days in Bangkok and then I’ll head to Siem reap Cambodia and then back to Delhi via bangkok because direct flights from Cambodia to Delhi are very expensive Guyz in all budget airlines wether its Nokscoot or other budget airlines operating in Thailand like Thai air asia you can only take max 7 kg hang baggage for free you’ll have to pay extra for checkin baggage and look at this, Perfectuion- our bag was exactly 7 kgs even if you’re carrying upto 9 kgs, there wont be any issues in chekin and this much should be sufficient you dont have to carry a lot of luggage. I carried 5 T-shirts 1 half-kurta 4 shorts 1 jeans 6 pairs of undergarments a small towel, ahat, sunglasses, sunscreen and some basic toiletaries, that’s it and this this the Thomas Cook currency exchanghe counter which you shouldn’t use they were charging Rs.72.5 for a dollar against 70.5 in market and Rs.2.389 for a THB against 2.3 in market guyz for international flights we have to reach atleast 3 hours before because of immigration and all you get hungry and everything is expensive at airports in this situation best option is airport lounges where you’ll get free unlimited food withj fre unlimited drinks soft and hard both in these days airport lounge access is available on many lifetime free credit cards so i recommend you to get one and if you have int’l lounge access then its icing on the cake i’ll show you in Bangkok, there lounges are on another level if you want i can make a video on best travel credit cards or write a blog on it tell me in the comment box below if you want it brother, whats the criterion to use this ride Replies: you’ ll have to more than 60years of age or if you have any disablility means its for senior citizens and what about VIP’s? replies: we get a call from protocol department Our nokscoot flight was from 14 a and at last minute they changed it to 21 and now they are announcing half an hour before if you are late and airport car is going empty, you can request them to take you friend: they should write way to heaven on the top 😛 this comment won’t be deleted. 😛 guyz nokscoot is a low cost carrier in thailand and currently it offers cheapest flights from delhi to bangkok earlier spicejet and air asia flights were cheapest sine it was cheap, we were expecting an uncomfortable journey but surprisingly as we entered the aircraft we realised it was Boeing 777-200 which is a wide aircraft and yes, the cost of to & fro flights from delhi to bangkok was Rs.15000 the seats are comfortable and the leg space was average as it was a budget airline, you’ll have to pay for checkin-baggage and meals as well nothing is free here except water in the upcoming videos in this series i’ll show you all colors of thailand the natural beauty of koh samui craziness in full moon party (singing music ) Thailand’s adult nightlife thai culture I;ll show you everything with the detailed budget guyz this video deserves a like from you 🙂 help me grow my channel, share this video with your friends and family share it everywhere follow me on instagram for great photos and amazing stories in the next video i’ll tell how we took Thailand visa on arrival in 10 minutes thanks for watching, see you in my next one