Hi, this is Tim Wilczak with Delfield.
Today I’d like to talk to you about two of our hot well technologies that we
offer in either drop-ins or serving lines or our customer lines so Delfield
has a lot of great technologies in both the hot and the cold holding offerings.
But with these two particular designs that I’ll show you here today these are what
we call our individual wells. Now each of these have a single wealth, but if
they were built together into multiple Wells — up to six wells — they would still be
individually divided and controlled so that each well would have its own
functionality as far as temperature, the ability to turn off a single well or two
wells in slow times — you name it. But the differences between these two here is
that the one on your right is actually a thousand watt well. This is what you would consider more your typical hot well and a serving line holding, hot holding
application. A thousand watts per well. If there’s multiple Wells of course, there
would be a thousand per well. Just a simple temperature dial here for
the control. And this one is actually built in. So again — providing the drop-ins or
built into serving lines and chef counters — you name it. On the other side
here we actually have a similar type well where it’s an individual well.
However this one we actually did as more of a drop-in style. Typical drop-ins out of stock have a slightly raised edge that we can put a gasket material in
there and help you seal to your counter. This one we actually provide it as a
flat flange to help keep nice low look even though it’s a drop-in. And we also
want to be able to remove for the demo piece and show you. This is our ESP low watt
food well. Gives you the similar great temperature performance and NSF
certification that the thousand watt wells will give you. However because of
the way we’re designing it very efficient coverage of this vulcanized
heating pad to both the bottoms and the sides of the wells,
we’re able to accomplish the same great temperature performance and
certifications with half the wattage. Now we didn’t insulate this of course
because we wanted to be able to see the heater pads, but this of course would be
fully insulated as well and that gives you that great temperature performance
and efficiency so half the wattage, same great performance. And then with the low
watt wells — the ESP low watt wells — we actually have digital controls per well
also versus your standard dial type on the thousand watt well so the ESPs are an
upgrade to your more typical thousand watt wells. Better energy usage, more
efficient performance, and digital controls as well with on-off switches in
the front. And you can actually run these wells both dry however when you run the
ESP low-lives dry, you can see upwards of seventy seven percent energy savings
versus a thousand watt well.