Who’s the new guy? Jensen Ames. The driver? Never heard
of him. Oh, yeah, l saw
him race years
ago. He’s good. Did some time
upstate. Killed his career. Holder of the fastest
Iaps at Willard,
Union and Butler. l hope he’s as fast off
the track as he is on. Never a dull day. Let’s get the fuck
out of here. Heads up.
It’s Pachenko. So you’re the
wife killer. Takes a big man
to kill a woman. l suppose you
rape kiddies, too. You hear that,
everyone? Guy kills women.
Rapes kiddies. What do you think
we ought to do
about that? Get down on the ground!
Down on the ground! Now! Nobody move! Nobody move! l guess he didn’t
like the oatmeal,