We gettin’ close! DEADPOOL:
You all know the drill! Intercept the convoy. And watch out for Cable! Hit it! There’s this kid,
he’s in trouble… Move or die. DEADPOOL: Pump
the hate brakes, Thanos. I ain’t lettin’ Cable
get to him, but I can’t do this alone. We need backup. We’re gonna form
a super-duper fucking group. It’s time to get back
on LinkedIn. Meet Bedlam. My name’s Shatterstar. Domino. -I’m lucky. DEADPOOL:
Luck isn’t a superpower. And certainly
not very cinematic. -Yes, it is.
-DEADPOOL: Let’s meet in the middle
and say “No, it isn’t.” Fuck it. It’s showtime. CABLE: You’re no fucking hero. You’re just a clown, dressed up as a sex toy. So dark. You sure you’re not
from the DC Universe? DEADPOOL: Bring it on,
One-Eyed Willie. -DEADPOOL: Whoo! (EXHALES) Your bullets,
they’re really fast! Last but not least… Peter. DEADPOOL: Any power
you wanna tell us about? I don’t… I don’t have one. Um, I just saw the ad. DEADPOOL: You’re in.