Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen Famous Dal Moth of Agra, we usually thinks that how to make it at home And today we will make it easily at home Here I am taking Whole Masoor Dal It is Whole Masoor Dal It is brown in colour Here I take 1 cup of it We will soak it And this Namkeen (snack) must be crispy So we will put 1/4 tsp of Baking Soda in it Put the Baking Soda and soak it Soak it for 4-5 hrs at least Or you can keep it overnight for soaking See! 4-5 hrs are over now Dal is soaked perfectly Now wash it properly by changing its water for 2-3 times We drain out all the water from the Dal Now take any cotton cloth like this Spread the Dal on it like this Don’t make the Dal completely dry We need to just remove its moisture Don’t keep it in the contact of sunlight otherwise it will get shrink Only keep it below the fan for 30 mins by spreading it like this Till the Dal gets dry So we will make ready the Gram Flour Because we need to make Sev from it So for making the Sev, we will take Gram flour Generally the Gram Flour is available in our kitchen so sieve it first It is 200 grams of Gram Flour Put some Salt in it Because the Sev is less salty And the Moth is Salty And put some Turmeric Powder Put 2 tsp of Oil We will make its dough Dough must not be too tight and not be too loose Bind it with water You can see the dough is soft It is not so tight Because we make it with very thin lattice So the dough must not so tight that it will not be made from that thin lattice And in markets the lattice is thinner from the lattice I am going to use But we will make it from the thin lattice available in our kitchen And we used the 1/4 cup of water to make the dough We will keep it for 10-15 mins by covering it We kept the Gram Flour dough for 15-20 mins It is set now perfectly Make it more smooth by spreading some oil on it And take this Machine for making the Sev Grease some oil in it also And here I have this type Lattice Grease the oil on Lattice as well Grease the oil on this part of the machine also Now take this dough Put it in the machine like this Keep the Oil on the flame in the pan And now put some Cashew nuts in this Oil Cashew nuts makes it more tasty Now take out these Cashew nuts from the pan Now here I have some Melon seeds We will fry it also See! like this Now turn it to the other side Don’t fry it darker Because it looks beautiful like this only Keep it in the strainer So that the extra oil will come out See! the Sev is ready now And it is very crispy, you can see Now the dal we soaked And we keep it for drying See! it is still wet But the moisture from it get vanished I want exactly this type of Dal See! I put some Dal in the pan I am putting some more Dal in it And the flame must be high Let this foam in the oil to be removed When this foam get vanished from the Oil that means the Dal is ready See.. Now take a small strainer Then put the dal in it like this See! have you heard some sound? It is very crispy now Here I keep this Dal on a paper like this So that the extra oil will be absorbed Now here we have the Sev Crush it like this And don’t add anything in it Because we already added Salt in it Now we will take this Dal Now we will put some Masalas in it First of all put Chat Masala in it 1 tsp Put Black Salt as the Salt is already available in Chat Masala so put some of Salt Put some Roasted Cumin Powder And put some Kashmiri Red Chili Powder So mix all these masalas properly Now put the Melon Seeds in this Dal And Cashew nuts Now we will set Dal Moth in this bowl Now put the Sev Again put the Dal Very amazing Dal Moth is ready now at home We generally saw this type of layer at the shops So this type of layer looks very beautiful So in this way the Namkeen is ready now So if you liked my video Like it and share it as much as you can Please subscribe this channel.