You wanna trick or treat with us? Why? So, you guys think you’re gonna
get a lot of candy trick or treating this year? We’re gonna get a (beeeeeep) of candy! Butters, don’t tell them our secret! Oh, we have a little secret too! But we’re not gonna tell people
cause they’re gonna copy us. So let’s just leave it at that. Fine by us. So what are you gonna be for Halloween? Be? I’m gonna be on an e-scooter taking
all your candy, that’s what I’m gonna be! (Beep!) Sorry. Hey, wait! That’s what we’re doing! What? Hold on! You guys are using e-scooters on Halloween too? Oh, you jerks found out the girls are
all trick or treating on e-scooters, and you stole our idea! Okay. Hold on! (Beeeeeeeeeeeep!)