Hi , I give these pants a 6/10 3 points just for the cute original pockets and scrunch bum the scrunch is in style and makes your butt look good It used to have a really big silk bow here before and it went to the floor, it was terrible so I switched it out with that and it actually holds the pants up better I’ve worn these about 3 times The first two times, I got holes in them straight off the bat I sewed them myself I paid around 90 dollars in total and to have them just rip right away when I went a size up It is a bit of a rip off to me. I would rather take the pockets and put them onto better pants. Because Iike the pockets I requested a refund which they denied. You won’t receive one if you’ve worn the pants. And I have to try them on to know if they’re going to fit Exchanges and repairs you have to pay for the shipping back and it is just a huge hassle to me I did get 30 dollars in store credit which is great if you want to buy another sale item that’s just as bad of quality It is like Kmart or Walmart quality so I am hesitant to buy more I hear there newer stuff has been tried out more and possibly re-designed there is no way I would EVER go to the gym in these would never squat in them. I can barely walk without being scared that they are gunna tear so yea that’s my honest review