Hey guys, this is Danny Dangoor with TigerChef and today I will be showcasing on my cut-resistant butcher glove This is the cut-resistant glove. Listen you can go like this on your hand and it’s
not gonna go. This is worn as a protective measure when your
butchering. You might say “how often are you gonna” be butchering” you might only have
one butcher in your establishment. So I’m gonna show a different use for this.
I’m gonna take a glove, gonna put a latex glove over this to keep it clean. And I’ll actually double wrap this and I’m just going
to continue to cook the way I’m gonna cook. I’m just gonna take some sage out and you know, like a chef I wanna be
holding this properly. Let’s say I make a mistake and I cut my
fingers like this. You can see I’m cutting my fingers by accident because I wasn’t paying attention. Now this glove is gonna cut. If my finger was
under there raw, my finger would be cut. But because I have the cut-resistant glove even though I made a mistake my finger’s still intact. So even though I’m in
a rush, I know I’m not my make a mistake I’m going fast I’m
gonna put on these gloves I’m gonna continue to cut as I cut
so in case I do make a mistake I don’t cut my finger off. That’s one of the
benefits of buying one of these gloves. and that’s our cut resistant
butcher glove. You wanna pick this item up, come visit
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