BUSINESS LUNCHES .. SPECIAL OCCASIONS .. AND ITS PAU HANA HAPPY HOUR .. BUT SAD TO SAY .. KINCAID’S RESTAURANT IS CLOSING FOR GOOD KINCAID’S HAS BEEN AT WARD WAREHOUSE FOR 41 YEARS .. PREVIOUSLY IT WAS CALLED TO STILL BE ABLE TO GET SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE KINCAID’S TAYLOR ALBETE – MILILANI – i’m deeply saddened that kincaid’s is leaving. MIKKI BOWDEN – MAKIKI – 24 years and I am so sad time with my mom. One last time for many of these folks .. Many longtime, loyal customers. LISA CRAIG – KALIHI – i have come here since graduating from hs in 1990. CARYN CRAIG – KALIHI – this place has been a Tomorrow Kincaid’s will serve up its last prime rib, last crab and artichoke dip, and last burnt crme dessert. But there’s a possibility the company could open another Kincaid’s in Hawaii. so we’re still open to exploring opportunities but we couldn’t find anything at the moment. i hope they keep on looking because as soon as they find the place we’ll be right there in front of the line with all your favorite Kincaid’s menu items at its sister property Ryan’s Grill .. At Ward Centre. ALEX AGAIN – we’re going to move the staff and menu Ward Warehouse, where Kincaid’s is located .. is closing in August and will eventually be torn down to make room for a luxury high rise project. ALEX – i hope the hawaii community visits us at ryan’s grill and that we look forward to serving the hawaii KINCAID’S IS OPEN TOMORROW FROM 11 O’CLOCK FOR LUNCH .. AND IT’LL CLOSE FOR AND IT’S BEST TO MAKE RESERVATIONS .. BUT