In this video, I’m going to talk with
Jacob Engel — a consultant to Culinary Depot — about the big picture. The vision,
the mission, and some of those things that you might not know. Jacob, lovely to
speak with you again. So one thing about Culinary Depot a lot of people don’t
know is that it is faith-based. What does that mean? What’s that all about? Right, so I was brought in to Culinary Depot about nine months ago. Really to help the
company understand they are faith-based, they’re family-based, and what are some
of their strengths and abilities that they bring to the market, to their
employees, and how we can make them really shine in bringing out that
message. And what we really looked at was as a faith-based company, we really
looked at what are the values? What do we stand for? And what won’t we stand for?
What are the values that are very important to us? We’ve defined our
mission, our vision, our purpose. Why are we here? Why are we doing what we’re
doing? And I know if you interviewed Sholem Potash — our founder. And part of it is
— the reason why we’re doing it is because we understand the chef. But we
also bring a tremendous amount of values to the table. Can you give me some of the specifics? I’m sure you’ve gone through the exercises and so on. What are some of the- Well what is the faith we’re talking about? I should be explicit about
that. Let’s start with that. So we’re Jewish based faith. And I think it’s
obvious for most people and in case they’re not- Yes. Then we are Jewish based. It’s a
family business. They’re the Potash family and the Lichter
families. They are owners of the business. In particular, what we’ve really tried to
define is what is our unique selling points? Why are we so unique in the
market? But more importantly, what are the unique values that we bring to the table?
And for example, number one is we are very much into empowering our employees.
This is all about helping our people be successful because if they’re successful,
we’re successful. Helping our- Creating win-win
relationships with our vendors, with our employees particularly, and of course our
clients and our customers. We are very much customer focused. We have a huge
customer service department. Very talented. And it’s all based upon that we
are going to do the right thing every day for our clients and for our
customers. And for our employees. And one of the other things you mentioned is
that it’s family-owned. I know this is an area of some expertise for you. What does it mean to be family-owned and how does that impact how Culinary Depot sort of
is in the world? So I come from a family business background myself and there are multiple challenges in family business — especially creating next generation. And
we’ve been very instrumental in defining the roles of every person in terms of
the value and what does it mean to Culinary. Number one — every employee and I would say our vendors and our clients are family to us. We care about them we
care about their success we really care about employees and we believe that
happy employees make happy customers absolutely and one thing you said to me
and I’m sort of repeating you but I liked what you said in a second ago my
success is your success is that tangled up in this somehow correct and what we
tell our employees in particularly that we want them to be successful we’ve
invested and I particularly have been very in the forefront of a significant
amount of training both in what we call hard skills soft skills you know
customer service but also in everything that goes into creating a very
professional yet happy non-bureaucratic entrepreneurial workforce which are all
the economies that are hard to put together though we want to take the best
of everything so we’ve we’ve been very very fortunate
to have a leadership that’s very interested willing and has shown
significant investment into their employees in every facet one of the key
differentials are most companies and Tim you might know this higher for skills
and then fire for attitude yeah I think about that yeah we hire for attitude and
we and and we train for skills so we want somebody that has a can-do attitude
they’re coachable they are interested in servicing the client and really a
win/win mentality and will help them grow but attitude is hugely important
for us that makes a lot of sense to me a last question for you here you mentioned
that very beginning something about the vision admission can you give me some
insight into that big picture vision for culinary Depot right color Depot today
is third largest company in the tri-state area in this space therein we
want to make them number one we’re talking about exponential growth and
we’re on track we’ve been growing 30 40 percent a year
Wow that’s actually that’s it that’s huge because 30 40 percent a year is
doubling every three or something yeah yeah and in terms of the growth of the
company hiring more people or any more people on and one of the big things that
we’ve been continuously is empowering our teams so that they can they can run
with it and leadership can focus on the growth and that’s been a very successful
team so in terms of our our mission in our vision is we’d like to be number one
and it’s not only because we want to be number one but we think we weren’t
unknown as people get to know us they’ll realize the benefits and what we bring
to the table our services why we are so unique and
that would automatically allow us to have a lot more exposure and people will
look at us as the resource that we are really made to be and we’ve been left to
service our customers thank you so much I appreciate that
okay that was some Jacob Engel who’s working with Culinary Depot if you’d
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