Hey everyone, welcome to PepTheWorld! Today is a beautiful Sunday and in this culinary episode I’m taking you to Salons Saint Germain in Diskmuide,Belgium, where every Sunday they have their buffet formula And normally if you think buffet you think: there’s going to be a lot of food But the quality will be a bit less. Because normally that’s the case, but not this time because this place is gastronomical It looks great. It tastes great, and I’m excited to show you! Some smoked ham, schrimp Let’s start with some scallops, it’s beautifully made with nuts and some smoked salmon inside Let’s try some wild tuna, this is the best! For the kids, they have a lot of different foods! Let’s take a look It it good? Very delicious! Every one of these plates is made so nicely and tastes so delicious. Let’s take a look: we have all kinds of fish and meat They have these alcohol-free cocktails or mocktails with ginger and pomegranada, they taste so delicious. I think this is my fifth one Really good! Okay, I went outside for a little bit because it’s easier to talk When we arrived, we were greeted with a glass of champagne and half a lobster. After that, we had a whole array of Appetizers and fresh fish delicious meats. All the plates were arranged like a piece of art and it tasted delicious There is soup that I haven’t tried yet There is a whole children buffet for the little ones time for the main course! All you really need is love, but now a good meal! This is what we’ve had so far: we started off with a glass of cava and half a lobster They kept serving non-stop mocktails and wines. I had eight or nine appetizers plates! mostly delicious fresh fish and high quality meats. I had fish soup, then I had three or four main courses So right now I’m extremely full and we haven’t even gotten started on the dessert buffet So I’m gonna take a little walk around the city of Diksmuide Hopefully by the time I come back I’ll be hungry enough for that dessert buffet. While I’m walking through the city I’m gonna show you around a little bit. Here we go! Tiramisu, one of my favourite desserts! Can I have a cotton candy please? Thank you! It’s been since I was a little kid that I last had a cotton candy like this one It’s like a little pink cloud So sugary, so sticky While I finished this little fruit snack, I’m gonna thank you all for watching this video Please subscribe to my channel for more culinary videos an international lifestyle! And I’ll see you all next time Have a wonderful day!