everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce got an update here some cruise news for August the 26 Monday the
story right now that is dominating the news of with regard to the cruise
business is the tropical storm durian durian is on her way to becoming a
hurricane probably in the next 24 to 36 hours and she has already affected the
itinerary of a number of ships including the Allure of the Seas one of the big
races class ships the symphony of the Seas and now the harmony of the Seas all
three of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class ships are changing their itineraries to
avoid the tropical storm or a hurricane they do not want to get into rainy
weather heavy seas anything like that especially with the outdoor pool shows
like you have here on the back of these ships so Royal Caribbean has taken the
allure of the Seas over to the Western Caribbean towards Cozumel they’re doing
the same with the harmony of the Seas are moving it right over to the Western
Caribbean away from the Eastern Caribbean symphony of the Seas will stay
in the Eastern Caribbean but will avoid the storm and so it will not visit San
Martin she will avoid that spot she’ll end up with another sea day and then
she’ll stay in calmer waters now over at Disney the Disney Fantasy is also being
shifted they’re moving the Disney Fantasy to the Western Caribbean to
avoid all of the Eastern Caribbean turmoil so good move on the on the part
of these cruise lines now here at Carnival we have news here that
continues to evolve it’s to do with the Carnival Vista the Carnival horizon in
particular it’s the sky rides these sky rides have been problematic almost from
the day they were created the first few months they were okay then mechanical
issues unreliability we’ve now found that they’ve been shut down on both
ships for close to two to four weeks now we’re told another four weeks for each
which tells me are in effect rebuilding the entire unit
they may call it down for maintenance and they’re trying to downplay the
severity of it but 150 feet above the waterline is not enough to spare this
ride from getting salt spray and I think they’ve got to replace the entire track
so another month now other news there are two new cruise lines that are going
to be hitting the water in the next six months here’s the first one the Ritz
Carlton yacht collection here’s the ship being launched just last month touching
water for the very first time of course it’s not painted yet it’s still in its
raw form but you can certainly see what the ship is going to look like from an
outline point of view this is six star cruising at its best 149 Suites are
going to be on this ship all the Suites have have basically a balcony 298 guests
will be allowed on the ship maximum tipping is included beverages included
Wi-Fi included it’s six star luxury this is going to be a hit with the folks who
love staying at the ritz-carlton hotel and looking for six star cruising the
other new Cruise Line coming is virgin voyages with the Scarlet lady Richard
Branson’s Cruise Line set for April 1st 2020
no kids on this ship at all must be 18 and older to be on here no daily tipping
gratuity charges will be charged Wi-Fi is included because they’re going after
the Millennials the Generation X Gen Y crowd know specialty dining there’s no
buffet there’s no extra charge for any of the food offerings available on this
Cruise Line they have their own private island in the Bahamas that they’re going
to be frequenting they’re looking at four and five day cruises to start with
and then they’ll modify the itinerary going forward they’re absolutely
targeting the active Cruiser they call their customers sailors and they’re
looking for a lot of activities onboard DJ’s onboard DJ’s will be at the private
island as well so if you’re looking for an active party atmosphere without
children around this is the cruise line for you and so far
it’s been a hit the the story is that the bookings are very strong and they
have two other ships on order if not three other ships on order so they’re
expanding rapidly there you go there’s the news of the day of the tropical
storm Dorian Carnival the repositioning of cruises and we’ll stay on top of this
story with the two new cruise lines coming up join me Monday at 8 o’clock
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