Hi guys and welcome back to a brand new travel vlog.
– Hello Got myself, Martyn, Joe, say hi Joe. Are you In it? There you are. And Tom Martyn: Look at his bag, hype bag. So we are in…
– Split. Split…no were not. [Laughs] Were in Koper, Slovenia today.
– Sorry I do the rotas two days ahead. We’re in Koper, Slovenia today and we actually did a vlog here last time so I’ll pop that up on the side and the side, if you want to check that out. But yeah, we are on the hunt to find that mall that we couldn’t find in the previous vlog. So fingers crossed we find it today. Watch out for the lamppost! No wonder we didn’t find this supermarket last time we’ve got a completely different way. Last time we went right there and through but now we’re walking around the outside. [Music] We’re lagging behind. Yeah but Thomas has abnormally long legs No he doesn’t have abnormally long legs. He has long legs because he’s tall. Tom: They are abnormally long.
– See. Alright, he said it. Joe: He’s like 4% torso.
Helena: [Laughing] 4% torso. There’s a big chalk board over there, don’t know if you can see behind me. It says before I die and then it’s got ‘I want to’ and then the idea is that you chalk in something and the only one I can see from this distance is ‘I want to live’. Amazing pizza place over there. Pizza place, Toms pizza place. Tom: It’s a little family business. Can’t really see it’s there.
Martyn: Is it one of these ones? Martyn: So it’s one of these pizza places. This looks so different from like the area we went to last time. Got a market over here, oh you know what! I think we came out at the end there and then we thought ‘oh no we’re gonna get lost’ so then we went back. So that’s where we came out and said ‘oh no this looks a bit too industrial for us’. So actually we were going the right way. Big stadium lighting over here so guessing this must be…a stadium [Laughs] We’ve walked around, this is the turnstiles. It’s called the Bonifika Stadium. I confused everyone because I went ‘ah that’s what it’s called’ and they all thought I’d found the shopping centre. I let them down. I was being laughed at because I called this a hipper market. It’s called the hypermarket. Planet Koper, that’s what we were trying to find. So got H&M, C&A, loads of other shops. I can’t reel then all off this. There’s a Zara. But we’re gonna go find somewhere to have some food and a drinky because it is warm. Look at where we’re being led to. Tom: They do curry sauce! Martyn: They’ve got a slide! Helena: They’ve got a Lidl.
Martyn: This is what happens when crew members are off the ship. Living the dream. I’ve not experienced these yet, holy guacamole beef, holy guacamole crispy chicken, juicy Jane, generous Jack [Laughter] Generous Jack!
Helena: Do you want any of them? Look at these fries topped with stuff. cheddar and bacon, cheese, cheesy fries. Martyn: So this McDonalds, you use the kiosk thing, you get given a pager. Find your seat and it’ll go off. It buzzed! It buzzed! Helena: You’re buzzers not gone off yet? Martyn: [Laughing] Rubbing it in. So yeah, we got chicken, chicken, bacon, carrot, lettuce, is that mayonnaise? Cheese. Helena: Martyn wants me to document this rock hard Kit Kat. You gonna try and eat it? Martyn: Oh no, surely you’ve got to… Helena: I don’t know what’s happening? But the rest of the McDonalds was really good, really really good. It’s a lot better than our McDonald’s at home. Martyn: So there’s a cinema here and apparently it shows films in English. Helena: Toy Story 4!
Martyn: Cineplex. Tom: I hate Disney. Martyn: Oh oh oh oh, he’s only joking of course. He’s only joking. He’s only joshing. Quick let’s run! Helena: Oh no, Joe is caught up. Martyn: I’m being led into Zara, noooooo! Popeye jumper, I used to love the Popeye cartoon. Has anybody seen the Robin Williams film as well? [Singing] “Cause he’s large”. Once again we found the Disney stuff. Aw that’s a Dumbo shirt. It’s really cute. Like the green colour. It’s 15.95. Donald, Mickey, Nala & Simba. Helena: Finished in Zara, might have made just three purchases but I’ll show you when we get back to the ship. Martyn’s had to get back to the ship now, he’s gotta go work but yeah, we’re carrying on shopping. Tom got a really nice suit as well and you got it all 71 pounds. We just noticed the name of this shop. Slightly unfortunate name, it’s called… is it gonna focus? The Athlete’s Foot. Oh dear! So we are done from the mall, got a lot of stuff. Tom is just checking his account. And now we’re gonna head to a little park where the rest of the show team are having a little picnic so we’re gonna go and meet up with them. It is really hot. Tom: I’ve spent 133 pounds.
– Got some nice stuff though. Joe: I’ve spent 20 pounds.
– Well done Joe. Tom: And that is why our cabin looks nice because I spend all the money. [Music] So back in the cabin, we’ve done quite a bit since we last recorded a clip. Helena: I did a very small clip of me & Tom sunbathing.
– Oh right, Helena was sunbathing. I’ve been doing bingo and some other events and now we’re dressed because we’re going to one of the speciality restaurants on board which is Surf and Turf. I’m so excited! It’s such good food. It is and they just keep bringing it. [Music] Martyn: This is our view, got a great table. Here’s the menu, starters, signature steaks entrees and sides. I’m gonna get some wine the blur de Mer.
– Pronounced correctly. [Laughing] You seem really far away.
– The tables are quite big. Cause of all the food they bring. Martyn: This is a starter with a little potato and cream on top and a bit of caviar. So this is one of my favourite things, you get bread, I love the bread. And then you get these different types of rock salt and they’ve each got like a different flavour to them. You just sprinkle it on your bread. Oh no, it’s all in the same area, spread it out. I nearly forgot to film but Martyn quickly reminded me so I’ve got a summer fruit cocktail to start.
– And I got what I get every time, scallops. So I’ve got a special fork for the steak and then we were also discussing this song cause this from Parent Trap when they do the handshake. We were saying we were gonna learn it. Look at all this foooood! so we got, what you got? Sirloin steak.
– Every steak comes with onion rings and then these are the sides, we’ve got steak fries, asparagus, lobster mac and cheese, what was this? Horse radish and something mash, spinach, creamy spinach and then I got the surf and turf. Ooooh yeah! New York style cheesecake, look at this! This looks like a rollercoaster loop. [Singing] “Going dowwwwn!”. [Music] Arann: Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, your host and compere for this evenings Uplay challenge. It’s none other than assistant cruise director, Mr Martyn Bell! Hello everyone and thank you for that warm welcome, what an introduction there by assistant cruise director Arran. That was sensational, none other than Martyn, thank you. So if you do want to take part in tonights Uplay challenge which is the ‘odd ones’, then we do have Arran with the answer sheets and the pencils and necessary equipment to take part. Just pop your hand up in the air and he’ll dash over to you in his lovely green suit this evening, first time I’ve seen that one. [Music] So we’re back in the cabin, so we had the food.
– [Laughs] We had the food. There was, there was tonnnnst. Tonnnst? There was tons.
– I was beat. I can’t even say I was suitably stuffed, I was overly stuffed, I ate too much.
– It was so good though. At the end we had cheesecake and I just so full but I just had to keep eating it. That’s what I was saying, I was like it was so nice I wanted to keep eating it but it got to that point where I was like, no I can’t eat anymore even though it’s so good. And you know when I’m full cuz you offered me it and I said no. And then you came and played one of the trivias. Yeah! I managed to get a little clip of Martyn, a little sneaky clip of Martyn hosting the game show and then I tried to play but I got 20 points out of 100.
– It was tricky. Wasn’t my finest hour, it was really hard. It was a tricky one.
– It was a really hard one but then the peepull that..the peepull.
– The peepull. [Laughing] The people that I marked, they only got 30, so I don’t feel too bad. Thirty was a common score actually and and that was two people. The winners got eighty and they were like out and out winners. There was nobody anywhere near them. So I wanted to quickly show you what I got from Zara.
– Purchases, pretty much the entire crew was in Zara. Yeah, they were. Had a really good sale on. Oh that just hit me in the head. Cause of this huge thing. Is this, amazing Animal Kingdom top I’m gonna call it. So it’s a camouflage print and then it has a Daisy and Donald on it and it’s so cool and Martyn, is that what you want to say. You picked it out.
– I spotted it. Yeah actually it was while you were trying on other outfits and I was wandering around the shop as I normally do looking awkward
– I love it. just while I’m waiting.
– And you were like this would be perfect for Animal Kingdom. You must get it! But what had happened was, so I picked it up and I was waiting there for Helena to come out
– Oh yeah. And you didn’t come and you didn’t come so I like put it back down and I thought right when Helena comes back out, I’ll take it up again and this other girl came in and she took it.
– Yeah. Because it was the only small, there was two large and one small so that got taken and Helena came out and I was like ‘ah this perfect top got taken away and she brought it back.
– It was weird, she like walked, like right up to the thing and like placed in front of me as in like here you go. So I was like oh, it’s fate. So I got this.
– You got a couple of new outfits for a possible Disney trip. They’ve stuck loads of stickers on. Think it originally was 12.95 euros and it was on sale for 7.99 euros. Yeah so reduced. And then I got this was like…what’s wrong me? This which I absolutely love and this, I even though it’s not technically Disney, I just thought it would be perfect to wear in Magic Kingdom and it’s got a really cute bow at the back. I just think this is such a, it would just fit in with the colours of Magic Kingdom like the pastel theming and also it will be great to wear on the cruise bviously as well. So I really love that. This was… Helena meant the crews that were working not a Disney cruise.
– Oh yeah, yeah, the cruise I’m on, not a cruise holiday. So this was 22.95 euros and it was reduced to 12.99 euros. Which is so good.
– You spotted the bargains. Yeah I absolutely love this, I love the colour and I’m starting to get a little bit of a tan so yellow will be nice. And then I got this, which is to wear whilst I’m working on the cruise as well. When I go out and about in ports because it is so hot at the moment, that I just can’t where t-shirts. I brought a lot of t-shirts with me thinking I could wear them with my shorts but even they’re too hot, like all I need is like string tops or vest tops because it’s just so hot. So this is just a plain little vest top, it’s like that yellowy colour again. Just a basic…but I thought it was really nice and this was 7.95 euros down to 5.99 euros. So that’s only about four pounds, four pound fifty or something. And that was a little haul. A little, little shopping haul but it’s really nice to actually go shopping because obviously we’re working on the ship so it’s like a novelty to do something quite normal like go shopping. Yeah it was really nice actually and then I obviously spent the day after you left with Tom and Joe and then we met up with the rest of the show team and then we came back on board, did some sunbathing. So it was a really nice day…
– Yeah you’ve had a good day. …action packed. Don’t know what we’re gonna do now? Watch something?
– Yeah we can watch the end of Mulan. Yeah cause I fell asleep.
– We started watching it about, it was about a week ago and sorry that you keep going up and down, my arm is getting really tired. We don’t have the tripod on it. So we started watching it and then I didn’t realise that Helena had fallen asleep. And I watched the entire film. I don’t think I’ve got that much to catch up on Well you were up to ‘Lets get down to business’. Oh no, I’ve watched a bit after that. Aw did you? All right, okay. Let’s get that on then. And actually we might be doing a little bit of wedding planning as well.
– Oh yeah, yeah. We are hoping, I know we keep teasing this video but we are hoping to film a bit of a wedding update at some point. We have to do it soon.
– Yeah but yeah, just to let you know that yeah, wedding planning is underway still. I think we let you know that it was gonna be in August 2020 or if you haven’t watched that video, it’s gonna be August 2020. So the venue is all booked and yeah I am hoping to share a lot more of the planning side on the channel. We still got over a year so it’s still quite a lot of time. Yeah, we were having a little chat in surf and turf about it and it’s just really exciting to like start planning a lot of it and thinking about it.
– Yeah. Also as we record this, Helena released a cover of ‘Think of Me’ and
– Oh yeah. I think you just wanted to say thank you to everybody.
– Yeah I mean this is gonna go out probably like a month afterwards or a bit more, but yeah, just want to say thank you so much because it was, I was actually really nervous to post that because obviously I love singing and it’s a huge part of my life but I hadn’t put it out on YouTube and it was quite a scary thing to do. But everyone has been so lovely and your support has just yeah, filled me with confidence to do more covers. So I just wanna say thank you so much. I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was. So anyway I think we’re gonna start watching that.
– Yeah I think we’ve rambled on. I know this is quite long this end clip. I think it’s probably the longest end clip we’ve done. My arm, I can’t actually put my arm down now. I think it’s stuck.
– Let’s go. We will leave you in peace now. Thank you so much for watching and we will see you in our next video. Bye guys.
– Byee! I can’t wave with this hand.
– The claaaawwww! [Music: Dreams by DJ Quads]