Hello everyone myself Beena and welcome to my channel Tangy kitchen Today we will make corn tikki You can serve it as a breakfast, snacks or starter Which is delicious and tangy You surely try it at home CORN BIG- 1 BOILED Make paste (or grind corn paste 1 – cup) 2 – CUPS FRESH BREAD CRUMS CORIANDER LEAVES- 1/4 CUP SALT TO TASTE CHAAT MASALA – 1 TSP RED CHILLY POWDER- 1 TSP BLACK SALT- 1/4 TSP LEMON JUICE- 1 TSP GREEN CHILLY- 2 AND GINGER SMALL OIL FOR FRY Add fresh 1. 5 cup of bread crums into corn paste bowl Add chaat masala Add black salt Add red chilly powder Add lemon juice Add ginger and green chilly paste Add coriander leaves Add very little salt Because we add chaat masala and black salt too which have salt Mix well Dough is soft now There is less binding in dough so that add 1/2 – cup of fresh bread crums Mix well Dough became thick now Binding is proper now For making Tikki greece your hands with oil Take medium lemon size dough for making tikki Make tikki with your hands Give round shape Put tikki into a plate Prepare left over tikki same wat Put a oil for heat Take semolina into a plate Put tikki into semolina and coat properly with semolina If you don’t want to caot with semolina than you can skip it Without coat you can also fry it Put it into a plate Coat left over tikki same way We need hot oil for fry Oil is heated d now Put one by one tikki for fry Fry till they become golden brown Check tikki Tikki bacame golden brown Take out into a plate Prepare left over tikki same way Corn tikki is fried now Serve with tomato ketch up You can serve it with green chutney too You surely try it at home GIve me feedback If you like my video than give LIKE SHARE with your friends SUBSCRIBE for more recipes Will you meet again THANK YOU BYE