Hello everyone myself Beena and welcome to my channel Tangy kitchen Today we will make snacks from besan We add potato in it Which is delicious And crisp Which is instant You can serve in as breakfast or snacks Let’s start making snacks BESAN- 1 CUP POTATO- 2 BOILED CORIANDER LEAVES- 1/2 CUP TURMERIC POWDER- 1/2 TSP RED CHILLY POWDER- 1 TSP GREEN CHILLY – 1 SMALL AND GINGER SMALL (MAKE PASTE) SALT TO TASTE CAROM SEEDS- 1/2 TSP OIL- 2 TBSP Let’s start making snacke Preparation for batter Take a besan bowl and add carom seeds in it Add red chilly powder Add turmeric powder Add ginger and chilly paste and salt to taste Add 1.5 cup of water Make thin consistency batter Mix well So that lumps doesn’t foam Use whisk for stir it Make smooth batter Keep thin consistency batter Batter is ready now Preparation for dough Put non stick kadai on gas and add batter Keep the gas medium Cook till it become thick Stir it continuously So that lumps doesn,t foam Batter is thick now Cook little more Use non stick kadai Add 2 tbsp oil