– I’ll never forget the sound of a live gun inside of a room, going off and hitting
some shit behind me. Hi, I’m Brandon Rogers
and here’s the time I almost didn’t check out
of an abandoned hotel. (giggling) All right. (clearing throat) All right. I grew up in
Northern California. In Northern California there
is this abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere. Big big place, stairs, marble
staircase when you walk in, the thing’s like four or five,
it’s a big bitch building. We used to throw parties here, we used to have get
togethers and we used to, some of us would do
sex, and do drugs, anything you wanted to do
cause it was a lawless place. It was in the middle of nowhere. One day, we were there. I think at this time I was
about, 18, 19 years old. I was old enough to know better. I don’t know what we were doing, some kind of drug, but
that’s another story. All of a sudden we hear a pair of footsteps walking
through the front door, and then we hear another pair, and pretty soon there’s
a handful of people that have entered this
building that we thought we had to ourselves. Well, fuck. Someone’s in our turf, and we’re trying to have fun, and we can’t let
anyone see us smoking what we were, you know, smoking. So, we went downstairs. When you’re a teenager
you’re thinking oh fuck, that’s a groundskeeper
or it’s police, or somewhere, we’re fucked! But then we were relieved because it was just
a bunch of kids. I mean there were like 14, 15. Oh okay, I mean, you
never as a teenager you always wanna run into
people younger than you because at least they’re
not really a threat. Oh boy, had we known better! These kids were slightly less than The
Hills Have Eyes people, but a bit worse than
the Deliverance people. You know what that means, they’re right there
where hick meets anus. The hick life is a subgenre
that freaks me the fuck out. I walk up to them
and I’m feeling, you know all high and mighty, because they’re kids, and I wanna show my friends
that I can maintain our turf. We politely asked them, “Get the fuck out of
here this is our place.” And they, they declined. And they pulled out guns. I wanna say it’s some sort of a, they were two handed something, it wasn’t like a gun,
it was like a gun. I don’t know if it was a
shotgun, I don’t know guns. It was something big
and it fucked me up. Everyone of these kids has
a fucking gun mind you, it wasn’t just their
asshole leader. All of these little
maggots have firearms. I’ll never forget they just
held up a gun and they said, “You need to leave.” And, and I said, my dad owns
this land you have to leave. I don’t know what was
going through my head. To this day I’m
trying to think of what the fuck I was thinking. Uh, no I’m a teenager. That’s what it was. As a teenager you
kinda have this immortality factor about you. And… one of them aimed his gun
at me, and at this point I must have started
to at least piss, probably actually, probably more. And so, he just aims
a little bit off to the right or
left of my head and I’ll never forget the
sound of a live gun, inside of a room going off and
hitting some shit behind me. I just, I’ve never
gone from full big dick to little chode in an instant. This is the biggest
disappointment. My life did not
flash before my eyes. I did not see a God damn thing. I would have died and not known
what the fuck had happened. I would’ve just suddenly arrived in wherever, hell probably, and gone like “Oh, I
guess he wasn’t lying.” And so, we left and it’s a fucking mile
hike back to the car. We hike a mile on this dirt
road and they follow us on a goddamn quad the entire way
with guns raised behind us making sure we get
back and leave. Anyway, we all kind of
made it back home and, funny enough we,
none of us talk, have really talked
about this situation. Maybe this is, maybe I
can send them this video and this will be a
good little spark to, “Remember when this happened?” Hopefully I got
the details right, but we all about to shit
ourselves, that is accurate.