Welcome to the first desert afire vex video today I’m taking you [on] a short walkthrough of the section of an asylum and tunnels this very site We walk through now was closed in the past ten years built upon a reform school and later served as a mental hospital unlike other hospitals of the past Era for Mental Health Facility closures It did not have the long history of abuse and neglect [that] ruptured open the system approximated states and sent the patients into the street care homes Or the prison system these mental asylums and tuberculosis Hospitals are quickly fading from existence across the country Developers are buying them knocking them over and building condos or businesses into place the history’s [gravely] [you] might ask yourself why an asylum and why have I chosen walk to it? It’s certainly not something you just choose to do on a daily basis like [going] on a walk to the beach [or] a movie there are probably a few answers for everybody who? participates in Modern Audio [Kerbecs] which consists of exploring man-made structures usually abandoned ruins but enough background story You will note though as I descend further you will see how interconnected these hospitals were Then you follow a cottage planet which is an interconnected built plan with each building Linked by a tunnel system allowing underground travel by the staff and patients even in winter in this case I stumbled into something that’s a little weird the wall smashed [in] looking through the hole It’s clear that there’s another staircase that’s been sealed off from access I just made weight Ahead there seems to be a further frame of sub back. Which is not finished partly [blossom] [a] flight of stairs Going down the steps there is some kind of basement area previously missed. It’s very dark, but there’s a whole continues further in another area you He’s too fast accented some kind of trick isidore them to see in this Tunnel expensive program and pipe case all [over] under threatens children, Asbestos Barn [addition] is a tiny light the Debris of Leighton [you] eventually the light seems more clearly present further down the movie I Decided to continue nothing to lose at this point having gone pretty far in As a child there was a creepy [old] house with a windowed tower sitting the field Sagging to the side slowly with age and with an old Clawfoot bathtub from a thousand fifty lon It’s that Routine that field of the crossroads of years And I’d always wanted eventually and never got a chance to muster [up] the courage to do something until was gone Now I don’t miss that chance in the end I think this is the one thing it seems to make us a voracious almost Uncontrollable appetite to explore things that are lost and found hidden it’s not about taking things or leaving an imprint as that in fact the antithesis of You take only pictures leave only footsteps approach of a hobby And [when] this video ends next time I’ll show you more let’s just say the light turned out to be fortuitous and lead to more Explorations other areas, but that’s for another time Until then subscribe to this channel, or follow me on Instagram [that] deserted by her bex and explain [even] further if I can you