Walmart How Can I Help You? Yeah Can You Transfer Me To The Mooooooovie Department? The What? I Watching Da Mooovie. Ummm. Really Sorry, I Can’ Understand What You’re Saying. It’s Okay, I Try To Extend It A Little Bit For You To Give You A Chance To Understand Me. So Yeah I want to the talk to thedepartment for tha mooooooooovie I watch the moooooooovie Oh you want electronics Yeah I think do you think thats the right department for the moooovies Yeah the movies…. They’re in electronics area Yeah yeah that’s right But not the movie the mooooooooovies right Isn’t that how you say it? it somebody tell me you have to extend
it or something like that but can you just say that they can be so
I know you’re saying it like to see a movie hello Chris and around get some work for
you and I love but just sitting for us just say move like a cow can I help you yeah I just wanted to
talk to the movie department i don’t know what this is the billion dollar
movie department if how can we help I ok thanks oh my return yeah Hera what’s popping my brother how
you doing re yes so I come in there to buy the
memory alive by the dark at night by getting my favorite movie on the blu-ray
this King right so i watch the movie but then I realizing that once i get to the
interrogation scene your lower the Batman the Joker whatever right you can see the camera guy in the scene
you know so they didn’t fuck up with editing anybody upset me a little hurt
my feelings so I want to come there to get my refund yeah girl we doing here could be be able
to refinance when you’re talking about loads lately we’re at the Parker care
about that mark charming yeah but what is your name one more time
I mind electronic yeah and you have to work very well i
will get what you need let me let me you have no idea of what the question I
say whatever what is name your mother fucka hello mr
electronic can help you yeah I didn’t get your name what is your
name again our unique have preferred that says but it would really low so
what is your name is what I’m not know I know it not being right now are you
telling you that i use customer favorite what is your name I’m gonna put your whore cutter cut your
attack hello thank you for calling walmart yeah hello can you tell me what the guys
name is in the electronics department trees I’m not become more therapy that I can’t
believe who you know how do you care yeah I can’t leave my department I’m now
it is it’s hard out there for a pimp my ride hard out there for a pimp yeah isn’t that what they say hello
there yeah I i try to make it you’re laughing
but that’s why i say the joke i’m making a joke about the pimping and oh yeah and
yelling get me out what yeah okay so yeah how do i can find out
what his name is what’s the best way to find out how on ok tank which one yeah hello how you doing man all right
yeah I’m doing really good too thanks for asking what is your name going yeah you see I
talked to some guy who make an asshole behavior to me i don’t think it was your
James you sound like a nice cool guy right like a hip-hop style rights but
the other guy he’s a douche bag so what do I do about that you know where your primary but tell me
if I come in there to fight him will you at least record in case i can put it on
the world star hiphop office no going to vary but look all I need you
to do is to just sit in the background right i will start to fight right i put
on my karate outfit and then you just screaming in background what start right
and then you’ll only make a pit movie are currently we’re okay but I want to
find out who is the asshole guy who fuck with me who do I talk to about it your head I
would remember many ok can you transfer me there are 10 or 20 round I was on the phone for electronic
department how to fuck you like it here don’t understand hello hunger can help
you you know I don’t even know where to
start i’m starting to go crazy i think so I you some loaded that can help me
and is competent I’m sorry so I had a very shitty walmart
experience i’m very unhappy okay i’m sorry i got more worried the
problem that you had so once upon a time 45 minutes ago the proper my como it is
the movie you know I might move with a recognized that has like an edit a
mistake in the movie but when i find this out everybody upset me so I want to
come in for the funding and then I get out around our all right everybody
transform you had to move their transfer me up down left right at somebody yet
but I knew what I knew to me know what do i do about that ok you heard you had her what the dr nut
the back at nine no more low do you watch the betterment
of Joe Carter they go into the interrogation scene they tried to do
boomeritis had a good night we have everything I have a precipitous
yes i have it okay if you have a repeated bring the items in question
apartment but you see everybody tell me something different you know it’s
whatever to me because I talk to somebody they tell me all we cannot give
to you because it’s the movie right we cannot be a better funding on a movie
but I said by the mistakes and the boys you have to make the exception for way
and then they said no we don’t do it and then everybody tell me something
different i could have disrespected me you know so i want to think that film it ok what I want ok done tonight or I’ll
ok and preparing for my Mandarin to come yeah hello are you the asshole lady who
hung up on my face hear me I said are you too asshole
motherfucker who hung up on my face I guess it was but I’m okay mom so it was you what the hell is your
problem why do you do that to me again you know I’m glad to make your car you
just hung up on my piss mark can I direct your cock yeah you can
select the deep inside your heart to give me sincere apology – what is your
name was on it you don’t need to know my night and beg
for my privately no it’s another the copyright and how can I direct your call
i mean with one actually my life where you live what is your name how can I direct your huh is your leg
motherfucker hello thank you for calling on where and
how can i help you yeah hello could you tell me the name of the
person who answers the telephone takes american speaking yeah it’s a bug flew at the buckle ooh –
right it’s a buffalo what can I do for you book a little ooh
ok there we go i like the way you talk so yeah you know I talked to the lady
she wouldn’t be very nice to me it definitely was not you it was the older
brother created one there that’s right next to you so you can you pass the
telephone to her tanks older lady yes she’s the only like a hundred my
right all right but we will give me one second I want this you never get my name
is Theresa ok Teresa a little all right can i call
you that like we’re related you want to call me career move yeah if you don’t mind you know you can
beat us a little i be – no and then we can call her bitch Lulu right because
she hung up on my pace are no no we’re we’re not gonna call her arm that were
we can make things better okay ya know but what else am I gonna call
you look like she was doing the bitch behavior on the part of dr. get into one
second all right what hello thank you , mark yeah hello just hurry solo home would you like to speak with her yeah
but page in Teresa’s Lou to talk to become a little please everything moon yet pardon what happened to you I’d be there for
pretend to like me and be so friendly but then you put the phone away from
your face and then like a dumb bitch you say what the fuck is wrong with him you
like and hear everything before I do a part of dark for that but I have a lot
of people that he’s around me that wasn’t me okay so which one said
that you know how it was right this is not prison ok not going to get shanked
later if you tell me that was you please don’t play games you could come on you
know who it was like you heard it I heard it and then I heard you just now
say haha he had earlier um I told you have a wonderful evening
ok ok thank you so much so that I’m are you want to be a bitch look at yourself
right hello she’s god I hope you guys enjoyed
the craziness apparently most people at this walmart
don’t like keeping out their first names this prank was actually inspired by my
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blockbuster movie mistakes you didn’t see it’s super interesting to witness
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