If you make any plans with me this is why
I’m late. I’m not trying a cat eye, I’m concealing
a zit till like you can see it no longer. This is the Beauty Lounge, where we learn
hacks so easy, you can do them lying down. Hi guys, welcome to the Beauty Lounge. I’m Denise Bidot and this guest right now
needs zero introduction It is Carly from Cosmo.com
She is the beauty director and she is here to share some of her really awesome hacks
for just about everything Let’s see what you’ve got! I’m excited! Should I first show you how to conceal a zit? Yes, please, because lord knows we all need
that hack. It’s important. I feel like that’s true. I like to use, like a tackier concealer because I
feel like it sticks better. If you have something that is raised on your
skin, if you basically eliminate the shadow that the pimple is casting
It makes it looks flat, and like flush to your skin. So I’m using this Laura Mercier secret camouflage. I tried to shade to match my skin as best
I could. So I’m gonna, basically what I do is, I’m
going to cover the whole thing, And I also don’t have foundation on yet,
so… Do you apply your foundation after you conceal? I usually put my foundation on first, but
sometimes it does cover up the zit pretty well. So we couldn’t do that today, we needed
the full example. I wanted to give you guys the full example. So then I do this padding motion. Then I’m gonna use this new Covergirl concealer. Honestly, I was really, really surprised,
because sometimes I don’t use liquid for this very reason
Because I feel like it doesn’t stay. I’ve never used a liquid concealer. And then you just pat below. It’s even better when you have a real crater. A real crater. If you make any plans with me, this is why
I’m late. I’m not trying a cat eye I’m concealing
a zit till like you can see it no longer. Sometimes I use this Giorgio Armani one. Is that a concealer? Yeah. It’s called Compact Cream Concealer. Did I do it? Is it covered? I feel like you did it. But the test is like real life, like I don’t
want to walk up to a friend and them be like… What happened? With flat ones it’s like easier. It’s true though. Like I have such a hard time, especially I
think as a model, The moment you walk in, we have to walk
in bare faced, and nobody wants that pimple moment
And I find that, myself, it’s so challenging to cover them when I want. When an artist is not doing my face. You know Hung Vanngo. He gave me a bunch of tricks for this bronzer
story that I was doing. Oh, this is another one that people obsess
about on set. This Tom Ford. Yeah, this Tom Ford is good. If you use cream bronzer, this is a really,
really great one that he recommends and also that I’ve used too and I recommend it as well. I use cream blush so I feel that cream bronzer
is better for me. I agree with that sentiment. I am also more of a cream makeup all over
person. Yeah, me too. I think it just blends. But if you… – I grabbed this.
– This I love. I know, it’s so cute. The Jeremy Scott super matte. I’m obsessed with this. It’s so cute. It has the highlighter, bronzer, and blush. When you usually take your bronzer brush,
girls might go like this, padding it in… But what you’re supposed to do is, go like
this, on all sides. Like that. And not really worry about the center. When you apply bronzer, you don’t really
go like this, you go like this to apply it. Like if I was doing very minimal face, I would
just conceal my zits. I really don’t do a full face of foundation
every day Only if I’m going to an event or something
So I would conceal my spots, then take a little bit of bronzer, now with my new trick that
I’ve learned Suck in our cheeks, like this, and then just
go like that. So like, and then you can use the tip to like… But see how, like, nice that is? That’s really nice. I mean, try not to be distracted by the other
blemishes I have. Who dis? Actually, you guys don’t know me because
I’m different now. She a new girl, coming through. You look gorg, though. So these are your hacks that you now have
to use. Let’s see. Is this… I feel like I’m failing miserably… No, you’re doing it. That’s enough, though. Probably. And then suck in your cheeks. I’m just watching the artist at work here. I hope your boob pops out. There’s a huge difference from one side
to the other, though. I mean, I don’t know if you can tell. Like this one’s all defined, and this one’s
just like, aw she cute. You do naturally go this way and apply on
the side. Yeah, you want to go at a slant. It really would make no sense to apply the
product on the front. On the front, yeah. But also I like to have that clean to be able
to like blend it. That’s brilliant. I think we have learned a lot. I know I have a lot of things to put into
use when I get home, which makes me really excited, because sitting down with you is
the most fun ever. I know, this was fun. So thank you for joining us today. Thank you guys for watching! This is the Beauty Lounge! Thank you guys for watching, don’t forget
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