Good evening, everybody. We are standing here in the shadow of the beautiful Williamsburg Bridge. And Williamsburg, of course, is the home of The Commodore on Metropolitan Avenue which is where we’re headed right now. Williamsburg is an epicenter of culture and particularly music, a lot of art, a lot of artists. For better, for worse, what
a lot of people think of when they talk about Brooklyn and Brooklyn hipsters and gentrification. There’s a lot going on in Williamsburg. There’s a lot of controversy
that surrounds Williamsburg. The Commodore is just a cool
neighborhood bar and restaurant where they have really great food. You can get a really great
fried chicken sandwich. You can get a really
great plate of nachos, some of the best in the entire city. You can get some biscuits. It’s a Southern-themed
bar that also happens to be tropical themes. Let’s head over there. (lively instrumental music) Yes, oh! Can I get a hot breast? Can I get some nachos? One order of biscuits. Oh, you know what I want? I want a wedge. I like a wedge. And then, can I have
something very fun to drink? I can make you like a rum
punch and a pina colada. How ’bout that? Sounds great.
Alright. (upbeat techno music) Very strong drinks. Why am I drinking tropical drinks in this sort of strange environment? Well, because I’m at The Commodore. If you’ve been around the
food scene in New York, you know Stephen Tanner. You may know him from
Pies ‘n’ Thighs diner. These are all restaurants
that he’s associated with, and so, he has a place
called The Commodore and it’s Southern and tropical drinks. I hesitate to use the word hipster because I think it’s
overused and I’m not sure a lot of people exactly
know what it means. But, people could say
it’s a hipster bar too. (steady rhythmic instrumental music) The nachos could have some salad on them because that makes them
delicious and not one note. Yeah, you can just do
cheese or ground beef and drippy sauces and beans,
but it’s nice to get radish. Get a little cilantro, green onion. A little fresh tomato. Gives it a freshness. Gives it a whole new dimension that I think your
conventional nachos may lack. There is refried pinto
beans, queso, sour cream. A couple of different sauces. Sort of a darker red
sauce, and then you have a green sauce that just
gives it a nice variation so it’s not just one note. And queso, of course, that
wonderful, fake plastic cheese. It is cheese and it is not, and I’m sure it’s not very good for you. But, who doesn’t love queso? Nachos are nachos. You’re not going to elevate nachos to like Sistine Chapel level greatness, but you can make ’em really good. These are really good, and
you can make ’em a lot better by like puttin’ some
(bleep) vegetables on. It makes it good. Makes it so you can keep eating them. What do you want me to eat next? Scream at your computer
which one you want me to eat next. The person who scream the loudest, I will eat what you suggest. Wedge salad, that’s what I heard. So, yeah, I do love a good wedge. A wedge salad obviously named because these pieces of iceberg lettuce
are shaped like a wedge. I love iceberg lettuce. It’s like eating crunchy
water, but it’s so good. Bacon bits, blue cheese dressing, two flavors that I love very much. And that’s just perfect. So light and crunchy and satisfying. Iceberg lettuce, it’s such
a good like blank canvas for these very strong
flavors because bacon, obviously very strong. Blue cheese is an equally strong, if not stronger flavor
and iceberg is just sort of like a nice neutral canvas. Wedge salad, love it. Next, these biscuits. These look nice, fluffy,
and this looks like a very delicious butter
that has been whipped with something, but it looks (bleep) good ’cause it’s just running
all over the place. Mm, biscuit. That’s honey. So, they whip the butter with honey, really perfect with this salty, light, buttery, fluffy biscuit. Biscuits, of course, a
staple of Southern cuisine and one of the things The
Commodore specializes in. Can’t be a good biscuit. Let me wash it down with this
very strong tropical drink. That’s just firewater. I mean, it tastes good, but I don’t know. I don’t drink a lot of hard alcohol. This is what I’m excited for. If you have every been to Pies ‘n’ Thighs, you know that they obviously specialize in chicken, fried chicken. This looks like a beautiful,
enormous chicken breast. It looks like we’ve got some pickles and some coleslaw on this which I adore. A very well-sesamed sesame seed bun. You can see it drippin’
on the plate there. This is very good. Very tender, juicy chicken breast which I think is a very
lovely thing to have on a chicken sandwich. I’ve had chicken sandwiches
made with chicken thighs which are good too. That meat is a little
richer, a little darker, a little fattier. White meat chicken breast is going to be more like pure meat. You’re not going to have
as much fat, skin, gristle as you would on another chicken sandwich. The heat itself from the
sauce on the fried chicken, I think it’s pretty simple. It’s just cayenne, vinegar and some sugar. It’s a little sweet. It might be a little bit of a
nod to Nashville hot chicken. But, this doesn’t approach
as far as like atomic heat, but it’s still got a little
bit of a cayenne kick. I can feel it a little
bit in my sweat glands. I feel a little bit in my brow. This chicken sandwich was (bleep) great, and the nachos were great. The Commodore’s cool. This is a great place. Good food, good drinks, pretty cool vibe. Fun Gilligan’s Island-themed
pinball machines. I don’t have a problem with it. It’s great. This is a part of the
identity of Brooklyn. It’s not the entire identity,
but it’s part of it, and it sort of makes up the whatever, the pie, the salad, the melting pot. Thank you for watching this episode of Dining on a Dime from The Commodore in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you’d like to watch
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