In this video we’re going to talk about
commercial kitchen design and commercial kitchen equipment with special reference
to correctional facilities, otherwise known as prisons and jails. And places
like that. Nice to speak to you again. Nice to speak to you as well. So I know that with Culinary
Depot you guys do a lot of kitchen… very diverse kitchen design and one of the
area’s is correctional facilities. Firstly, is there anything unusual I need
to know if I’m looking to work in that context? Sure. The biggest thing is the
equipment. So you want you want to have everything that we call in the
industry a prison package. A prison package? What does that mean? Prison
package would mean for example all the knobs are covered with locks. In case
anyone gets into the kitchen? Somebody’s in the kitchen- well actually
inmates work in the kitchen in most correctional, in lots of correctional
facilities. And so they take the knobs- So they want to make sure they
don’t take off the knobs. So they’ll have a prison package covering the knobs with
a lock. Another thing — they don’t use screws. They’ll use unremovable rivets. So people are unscrewing? Some inmates will try to unscrew something to be able to
use it as a weapon. Oh goodness gracious me. I hadn’t thought of as a kitchen sink
as a weapon, but you’ve completely redefined it. What about working? Let’s
say you’re doing installation in a Correctional Facility…
I assume that there are some security concerns. How does that all work? So once the kitchen was designed and we start the work, is the plan how do you get the
job done with the security clearance needed. Right. So there’s multiple factors
to keep in mind. Number one is actually getting the security clearance for the
people. We need to work with the right people who have all the clearance. And
then how do we work around their schedule when there’s no inmates in the
kitchen? Right, okay, because that has to be a limited amount of time. Correct.
Because they some of them are functioning. So one of the
examples I’ll give you is we did a big jail — Albany County Jail in Albany, New York. We worked around overnight and we had guards watching and we did it in
segments. So it’s a huge job for six hundred thousand dollars. However we
did it in stages. So we did first the walk-in boxes.
Demolish the walk-ins, we coordinate with the customer to rent temporary
refrigeration solutions so we can get the walk in box built properly.
Get rid of the debris, let it sit around for security measures as well. Right. And
then go to the kettles. So on the cooking line, we have six large kettles. Again, the
tools got to be counted before you bring it in. Right, because you don’t want to
make sure you- suddenly your tool is a weapon, right? Right. So if you came in
the maximum security prison, they will count how many tools you brought in your
toolbox. And every time you want to walk out to get something from your truck, you
need to be escorted by a security guard. well it sounds like it quite a tricky
situation alright so what are some of the other design equipment’s when it
comes to I mean this is quite a large kitchen we’re talking about how many
people are you trying to serve what sort of what sort of availability do you need
so again a prison is mass production very mass production usually and as well
as thousands of inmates so yes in any one particular facility correct and as
well they it works with a budget it’s a there there they want to stick to a
budget and and they want to they want to serve the meals the most economical
right because this is a governmental situation of course correct so what we
will what we will do is say what’s the best piece of equipment that can have
the most input/output okay that makes sense to me all right good so we’ve
spoken a little bit about the fact that you have to have a affordable affordable
kitchen equipment we’ve spoken about that just some of the design
considerations are there any other I want to say interesting stories anything
that’s come up or any interesting installation that you’ve done when it
comes to prisons and jails and so forth across the country we’ve done
in Florida in Orlando Florida we’ve done a woman’s prison there’s about 18
hundred inmates there that was a very challenging job there was one easier
part there that it was a new addition so it wasn’t in the prison yet once we
moved out they gated it in hmm however that that had a lot of unique
challenges because the specification was very tight so for example even a rack
where you carry sheet pans they wanted to make sure the wheel can’t come off
easily because again the wheel can be cannot be can be thrown it’s a heavy
item that could be it can become they can sharpen it shut up and a wheel
sharpen the the stem with a screw the way it is this group clearly not
thinking creatively enough about this all right amazing well I really
appreciate your insight in something I really had no idea about well some of
our customers may not know yet so if you are in the need call one of our experts
absolutely so if you’d like to find out more about commercial kitchen design in
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