I just arrived at the Belmond Copacabana
Palace, in Rio de Janeiro, my city, where I’ll spend two nights and share with
you the experience of staying in one of the best hotels of Brazil. Inaugurated in 1923 and designed
by the French architect Joseph Gire, the Copacabana Palace
has just turned 96 years old. It’s one of the oldest hotels in Brazil,
and certainly the most famous. From the outside, it looks like a palace, but
inside, besides being elegant, it’s super modern, the result of a general renovation,
some years ago, that took five months. There are 241 apartments and suites: 147
in the main building and 94 in the building known as The Annex,
in front of the famous hotel pool. In this video, I’ll show you
everything in this hotel. Getting to the sixth floor
of the main building. This is where the presidential suites,
also known as the penthouses, are. Mine will be number 601,
which is 105 square meters. But before we go to the suite,
I want to show you this beautiful corridor, with these handmade paintings
on the wall, the classic furniture, these crystal chandeliers… And this table, which is setup day and night,
with flavored water, and the Copacabana Palace
own sparkling wine. Very fancy. Look at this… Going that way, down the hall,
we get to the black pool, an exclusive pool to the guests
staying on the sixth floor. Now, let’s get to the room. Here it is, 601. Let’s go inside. I chose this suite because it’s one
of my favorites at the Copa, so I’ll be able to show you all the details
here in Carioca NoMundo. And look, I’m being welcomed
with this fruit basket and this Belmond Copacabana Palace red wine. I love this living room. Besides being super cozy, with these
neutral colors, it makes you feel like you are at home. Another detail that I really like are these
flower arrangements, tropical and colorful, which are never the same. On the desk, there’s this drawer
with everything you need to work, as if you were in an office. There’s even a business card holder. Look at this box, so nice! The hotel’s luggage tag, these
black and white postcards with old images of the
Copacabana Palace. Even Brigitte Bardot is here. What a beautiful light on this morning. This balcony is amazing, right? With a table, chairs, sun loungers… And look at this straw basket, there’s even a fan
and binoculars for you to enjoy the view! I always show the hotel minibar
when I like it, right? This one is in a separate room.
There’s even a door. You can leave it open or closed. Champagne glasses, water glasses, cups,
an espresso machine, bottles of whiskey, big ones,
no miniatures here. A fridge with soft drinks, water, champagne
and a wine cooler with several bottles. Here’s the toilet. And this is my room, with this
super stylish decoration and this huge bed with a sea view. Look at that! Let’s take a look at
the bedside table? Eye mask and this little box for
your rings, bracelets, earrings, watch… In this little bottle, there’s a spray
with the scent of the Copa. In the closet area, you have two full closets
and in the room, another one. That’s a real walk-in closet. You can get into the closet. Look at the shoe rack, look at the size of it. Even me, who travel with a lot of luggage, I think I’ve never brought so many shoes like this… Ah, there’s a very nice detail,
which I already unwrapped to show you. These super beautiful flip flops
with this Copa golden blazon. Here in this other closet, I found some
curiosities that I need to show you, starting with this belt holder that you
can use when packing your suitcase. I had never seen this before. It’s a little leather box. You roll up your belts,
put them here and close. Cool huh? This other one is a bag for women. A jewelry bag. This is also very, very cool. A tie holder. You put your tie here, hanging,
and fold it, like this, so it doesn’t wrinkle when you’re traveling. This is so cute! An eye mask, right? To sleep… But not! Inside, a sewing kit with needles,
buttons, and look at these little scissors looking like a heron. Look at this. This is probably the most spectacular
hotel bathroom in Rio de Janeiro, maybe from Brazil. Starting with this bathtub with a fabulous
view over Copacabana beach. Linen towels with lace and the Copa logo. The Copacabana Palace toiletry bag, amenities
from the Italian brand Acqua di Parma, another the Copa toiletry bag, this one in leather. On the right side is the shower
and on the left side, the toilet. Surely you’ve seen me posting pictures and stories on Instagram here on Pérgula restaurant. It’s one of Rio’s restaurants that I always
come to and this is where I’ll have lunch today. – I want to introduce you to my friend
David Mansaud, the most elegant chef that you’ve ever seen, right? You’re not used to meet a chef
in a suit and tie, French, with an accent… It’s because besides being a chef, he’s also
the hotel’s food and beverage director. So, I’m with the best person to
recommend which dishes I’m going to eat today. – I suggest you the octopus,
which is the “best of” of the house. There’s another dish that I love, which
is a caramelized pupunha palm heart finished on the grill, we have a barbecue
grill, with a tomato and purple onion salad. The fish of the day I like it very much. The garnish is a cauliflower couscous with a vinaigrette… – Cauliflower couscous? I never ate that… – We get the cauliflower and cut the edges just a little.
It gives us a fine vegetable crunchy grain, It’s very good… – I’ll start by the fish. Look who came to visit me, look who came
visit me, look who came to visit me… I told the hotel that a friend of mine
would come visit me and bring this beautiful dog. So they provided an amenity pet. The hotel is pet friendly. They brought a bed, this absorbent training pad, shampoo, conditioner. Here are bowls for food and water. And she’ll play with me now… Come here, come here… Look how cute she is. It’s not because I’m from Rio, after all,
I’m Carioca in the world… My city is wonderful, right? Look at this late afternoon view of Copacabana. I opened the wine that I showed you
earlier that the Copa send me as gift and I want to toast to all my followers. Cheers! I’ve showered, I’m ready to go out,
or rather, to go downstairs. Because of course I’m going
to have dinner at the hotel. It’s fun to film in this elevator
because it’s fully mirrored. This woodwork in the two elevators of the
main building of the hotel is just beautiful. Fancy elevator, right? And look at the the door, really cool. And here’s a night view of the
pool at the Copacabana Palace. I’m going to have dinner at Mee, the Asian restaurant
of the hotel with a Michelin star, which is right here. How not to love a restaurant where I have
chopsticks with my name? Mee’s sake menu has lots of options. They have 55 different sake labels,
all Japanese. But the restaurant is also known
for its cocktails and I ordered a gin and tonic pot, my favorite,
to show you. This is one of my favorite
dishes at Mee. It’s called Hong Kong Prawns. It’s caramelized prawns with nuts. And now it’s time to remember Thailand:
pad thai which is also a dish that I love to order at Mee. Now a sake tasting. The tasting works as follows. There are four different types of sake, from
the more delicate to the full-bodied ones. From the left to the right. Since the toast is with sake, “kampai”. For dessert, ice cream and this white
chocolate mousse shaped as a Sicilian lemon. Check that out! I’m already in my bed…
And it’s such a good bed! Guys, life here is eating and sleeping. Sleeping and waking up to eat. Because tomorrow
morning there’s breakfast waiting for me and I think I’ll have breakfast on the balcony,
to enjoy the view… Good Morning! Breakfast with a view. Which is much more fun with binoculars. It’s such things that you see! This is the so-called Copa breakfast. It comes with bread, omelet, bacon, pancakes, strawberries, cold cuts, fruits and the Copacabana Palace sparkling wine with orange juice, so you can prepare your mimosa. I will enjoy this amazing morning light
and show you the Copacabana Palace from angles that I had never seen before. Let’s take a look at the sea too? What a spectacular place Rio de Janeiro is. With such a beautiful day, I’ll enjoy
the sun in the black pool. The hotel’s black pool is also in the
sixth floor and is exclusive for those staying in one of the seven presidential suites. If you’re looking for tranquility and especially
privacy, this is your pool. Did you like the black pool? I think I’ll get my drone to
make some images from above. Guess where I’m going now? To the main pool. It’s a feeling of traveling
without leaving my own city… Time to go to the spa. The spa at the Copacabana Palace
is beautiful and cozy! And here’s a tip. They have several hotel branded
products for sale. It’s your chance to take home
a souvenir of the hotel. This is the spa’s treatment menu. I chose a five hour treatment called
Belmond Experience. I’ll start with a body scrub,
with açaí and guaraná extract then a white clay body mask,
an aromatic bath… And after all this as I’ll be
stressed out, a relaxing 90-minute massage, a facial purification… And I’ll probably be so hungry
that I can choose a meal, either from Cipriani or Pérgula restaurant. How about that? This is a real feast,
It’ll be my dinner tonight. And I swear that I didn’t even
feel the time pass by. I’d easily spend five more hours
here at the spa. The next day, breakfast at the
Pérgula restaurant. with a great selection
of very well presented dishes. As you’ve seen so far, the Copa
is a super modern and vibrant hotel, part of the city’s life,
but it doesn’t forget its past. And this is registered in this gallery. Several personalities that
stayed at the hotel were eternalized here. Robert De Niro, Carmen Miranda, Lady Di, Gisele
Bündchen, Tom Jobim is here, Mick Jagger… But there’s one that I need to show you. Come with me. This one, folks, is Santos Dumont. The other day, I received a message, asking
if I was related to “Santos Drummond”. Just to clarify, my last name is Drummond,
I am Jayme Drummond. I love airplanes, I’m the one
that flies the planes. This one is Santos Dumont. He was the inventor of the plane. So it’s two different things. He invented it and I use it, okay? I’m not related to him. They even asked me if I got tickets for free,
because I was related to “Santos Drummond”. So, guys, just clarifying, it’s Santos
Dumont and I’m Drummond. Deal? That’s it! It’s almost time to go,
but I couldn’t leave without enjoying the company of my dear friend that
you’ve seen so many times traveling with me, Andrea Natal, who is the director of
the Belmond Copacabana Palace. – Andrea, so good to be
here with you at your home. – It’s great to have you with us. – Everyone loves you at the hotel. Jayme is a friend, a customer, a guest
who comes a lot to the hotel. He lives in Rio de Janeiro,
but he loves coming here. – A lot! – And we love having you with us. – I love being here. – Andrea, I hadn’t shown yet
to my followers the Cipriani. So, it’s very good to have lunch with
today to be able to show them every detail. And no one better than you
to talk about the Cipriani. – Cipriani is celebrating 25 years. During all these years, we’ve had
Italian chefs. The current chef is Nello, with an amazing experience, who recently
earned a Michelin star, so we’re very happy. And today you’ll taste the lunch menu. – I love to have lunch and dinner here
because besides eating very well, the service is amazing, and this
view to the pool is unbeatable, right? – Everyone loves it. Everything at the hotel
happens around this pool. The summer… People love it because this is
where everyone is. – It’s magical, it looks like a scenario,
it’s like we’re traveling, going to another place, right? Let’s enjoy our lunch
at the Cipriani. And Andrea will now teach me a culinary secret
that I didn’t know about. – One thing that I learned is to eat the meat
with lemon slices like that, very thin, It’s delicious. – On top of the meat? – Yeah, you eat everything together. Don’t people squeeze a lemon
on some types of meat? – Yes. – So this one’s like this. – This is the first time I try
meat in breadcrumbs with lemon slices. – I think you’ll like it. Let me know… – Hmmm. – It’s good, right? Isn’t it interesting? – Super! Thinly cut it looks like a carpaccio. I loved it! And the meat is wonderful. – Andrea, everything was delicious. I ate so well, so well… – Great! How about we tell this to the chef, that you
loved it, and we eat dessert in the kitchen? – Deal! – Deal? – Let’s go? – Let’s go to the kitchen! I’ll take Carioca NoMundo to
eat dessert in the kitchen but you all can come. We have a table in the kitchen,
we can interact with the chefs, the cooks. It holds up to six people. So feel free to book. We’re open for lunch and dinner. Kitchen, there we go. – Welcome to the chef’s table! Look how nice. And here, at the chef’s table, are the desserts:
coconut ice cream, tiramisu and a caprese pie, with chocolate and almonds. Everything is delicious! It’s time to say goodbye, I hope
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