– [Jamerrill] Little
breadstick bite; yummy! This video is sponsored by
the National Pork Board. So, thank you guys for
following along in the fun. Here is the pork that we’re
gonna go ahead and get. This is almost five pounds,
it’ll be perfect for our dinner. Boy, these are lookin’ so pretty, they even got all their grill marks going. Good morning, friends! What we are starting
our day out with today, we’re doing a birthday breakfast. Zion turned 15 the other
day, and for his birthday, him and I went to D.C. and did all, (baby babbles)
Yes, yes, yes, that’s right. We did all the things he wanted to do, just Zion and mom special day out, and then we went to Tyson’s Corner Mall, and did all of those fun things, and now today, with the
family, we’re gonna be doing, we got two different cakes here, Wal-Mart had the smaller
one, so I got this one, and this one just kinda reminds me of almost a Sesame Street character, but also describes teenhood
too sometimes, right? And then we got a little bit of green mint ‘n chip ice cream left. So anyway, we had a
great D.C. out birthday, and Tyson’s Corner Mall
birthday, and shopping, and all of that, and now with everybody, we’re gonna be doing
this cake and ice cream. So, what we’re doing
today, is we are heading, as I always say, over the
river and through the woods, across the mountains, and we
are going to see Incredibles 2. When we saw the first Incredibles,
I think Jaden was four, and Zion was 16, 18 months
old, something like that, and I remember I spent most of the movie walking up and down the
aisle with baby Zion. So, today we are taking the
whole gang to see Incredibles 2. We are actually go have
pizza for lunch first, at just like a Cici’s Buffet,
so everyone is squared away, and then we will go see that movie. I’m also going to be doing
some Large Family grilling later this evening when we get back home, and this video is sponsored
by the National Pork Board. So, thank you guys for
following along in the fun. [Jamerrill] Little breadstick bite; yummy! I just got a taco pizza, they went heavy on the taco sauce there. – I was makin’ the biggest cough. – [Jamerrill] You were making a big cough, did you need another drink? – Mmhmm.
– Mmhmm? Are you so excited, Daniel? – Yes! – We’re at Costco now, it’s been raining, I think everybody loved the movie. Liam and I came in to get some
pork that we’re gonna grill. Those look good; why don’t
you pick one out, Liam. That way Mommy won’t cut fruit tonight. Here is the pork that we’re
gonna go ahead and get. This is almost five pounds,
it’ll be perfect for our dinner. Amelia will appreciate these. Put those in; restocking our fruit. So here’s some asparagus, which
I have been loving lately. So we are gonna get two bags
of that, that’s for $5.99. You eating your snack, Darth Vader? – Mmhmm. – Yeah, good part of Costco. So, we’ve got a nice, fill in cart here, all kinds of strawberries and grapes, tomatoes, yes an apple pie under there, some good Greek yogurts, and
butter, and almond butter, and cheeses, and our pork is in there too. So just showing you guys
how some of this worked out. I put some of the other fruit
in my outside refrigerator. We ended up with 12
pounds of strawberries, and it’s Friday, so I’m guessing
by Sunday evening (laughs) we’ll be all done with the strawberries, and I opened up some
other fruit we already had and got those put out, got our
yogurt in the yogurt drawer. So we are just all set for the weekend. So, these are the pork chops I got. This is boneless pork loin top. It was $2.49 a pound, we
got a total of 4.79 pounds. So it came to 11 dollars and 93 cents. I always like Costco meats
because they’re nice and thick. And you can tell this is good pork, because it’s pink, and
it’s not white or faded. The National Pork Board advises
that pork whole muscle cuts, like loin roasts, we’ve
got Mr. Benjamin helping, like loin roasts, we’ve got
pork chops and tenderloin, should be cooked to an
internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit,
followed by a three minute rest, because pork is quick and easy to cook when it’s done properly. And we got one of these really
cool Igrill 2 thermometers provided to us by the National Pork Board. And what is really cool is you can connect it to your smart device, and you can have up to four
pieces of meat being monitored. It looks like it really takes
the guesswork out of grilling, so you can get perfectly
grilled food, every time. Look at this, doesn’t
this look fancy-shmancy. And because all things are better when Travis figures them out,
I’m going to hand this to him, and let him help me get it going. We also got more asparagus over here. This was some asparagus I
had bought the other day. So I’m going to actually use this up. I’ve mentioned in several videos, I’m currently on a grilled asparagus kick, so hey, whatever works, so I’m gonna use these batches up tonight and then the batches I got at Costco, I’m sure I’ll be using in some other way over the next few days. So all I do for the asparagus,
is I just put a little bit of olive oil in a metal bowl, and then I roll the asparagus in it, put on some salt and some pepper, which I haven’t done that step yet, and then we will put it out on the grill. It ends up being like a
minute or two on each side, and then we kind of roll ’em, leave ’em on for another minute or two, give ’em the old eyeballin’
school, and they are perfect. So, Mr. Travis is on the job,
Benjamin is singin’ to us, and it looks like he’s
getting our thermometer going. So, Travis has the app on
his phone, oh, Benjamin. So, you’ll hit start once we get them on the
grill, I guess, right? Travis is busy with our
strawberry cutting assembly line. We’re just going to put them in there, and of course we’ll have
them tonight with dinner, and then I am sure that the kids will run through all of
these, oh, I don’t know, less than 24 hours? So we have the grill warming up now, and I just rinsed off these pieces of pork and patted them dry. We salt and peppered them on both sides. So we just got our little nighttime grilling action going on, again these just have just a little bit of salt
and pepper on either side. Of course pork can just go ahead and take on a variety of flavor profiles, depending on the seasoning,
or the marinades, or the different cuts that you have, but these are just regular old
thick, boneless pork chops, and you can see where I’ve got the probes in some side pieces there, and that temperature’s increasing, so we’re gonna shut this lid
now for a few more minutes and then flip them. So now this is cool, we’re inside and Travis is continuing his strawberry cutting, but he’s almost done, and he’s able to sit here and just watch the temperature increasing. We’re up to 117 degrees now, I’m gonna go ahead and flip these. Opening them up; boy these
are looking so pretty, they’ve even got their grill marks going. Okay, so probe number one is almost on its target temperature. Okay, pork number one is beeping! First one off the grill,
starting its three minute rest, and then our second one is to 130. So this pork looks beautiful, it is continuing it’s rest. I’m gonna get the
asparagus on the grill now. Whew, and here’s how all that beautiful asparagus looks on the grill, so I’m only going to leave it on there for about a minute or so. Here we go, I am pulling
off this asparagus already. So here is how everything turned out for our Friday night dinner. We’ve got our grilled
asparagus, we got our pork, which you can see its
natural juices there. It looks and smells fantastic, and you know pork is an
excellent source of nutrients. Also, click below, for
more pork grilling tips and recipe inspiration from
the National Pork Board. That’s going to be one of the first links in the description. Not only is Travis the grill master, he’s the meat cutting master. So Travis is still cutting for us, but here is how our plates turned out. You can see this’ll be for
one of the younger kids. I’ve got some asparagus, some strawberry, and some of that wonderful grilled pork. You excited about your pork chops? – Mmhmm, yeah. – So thank you guys for watching, and also thank you to
the National Pork Board for sponsoring today’s video. Again, be sure to click on their link in the description below. To get more pork grilling
recipes and inspiration, you can also go over to
largefamilytable.com. Asparagus info will be over on
largefamilytable.com as well. And we’ll see you next time
with another brand new video.