Hi, my name’s Anne, and welcome to the next ZENTX Transformation Story. This one covers a big change — turning a shipping container into a bar. We did this for two Bay City nonprofits: the State Theatre and the Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival. You’ll hear about this amazing transformation from three people involved in those nonprofits. Enjoy! We focus on family entertainment, we focus on comedy, music, live music, movies, we try to bring back the old movies. And the festival is all independent film and indie music from around the country; the films are from around the world. The container bar idea came up to me and I brought it before a group of people that were kind of a little less enthusiastic about it, but Alan LaFave came to me and said “What if we partnered on this?” One of the things nonprofits look for and especially funders of nonprofits look for is sustainability. And we — at Hell’s Half Mile we do a film series throughout the year, but other than that we just have the festival, so what we wanted to do was look for something that could bring in a stream of income for us that would help sustain us over the years. Obviously with us being a nonprofit it will
help generate some revenue for us to maybe bring more films, more music, expand the whole Hell’s Half Mile event, maybe bring a big-name actor in, and it’s just gonna bring more awareness to all the people that come. The team at ZENTX has been really incredibly creative and helpful. We put a lot of our trust into ZENTX. We just gave them kind of some guidelines that we wanted, and they took those and added their own personal touch and it came out perfect. Working with ZENTX on this project has been, in one word, phenomenal. I will say that. We came to them with an idea, they came to us with an exceptional product. And when we saw it, we were just floored by the way it looked. They really put their creativity and their
effort into it. The construction is absolutely amazing. We’re really just so pleased with how everything turned out. It was really cool, I mean just to sum it up in simple terms, to see it almost completed at ZENTX facility to have them bring it over
on the flatbed and kinda crane it into place. It was nice to see our hard work and our ideas just now becoming a reality. I think that the reaction from the community
has been fantastic. It’s been overwhelming, actually; all of the responses have been very positive. People like the vibe that it gives out; a lot of people telling their friends to come check it out. And I just think it’s going to get bigger.