and now to a story you’ll only see on local 10 of a newlywed couple who says their honeymoon was ruined while staying at the famed Biltmore Hotel they say construction crews just reach havoc on their peaceful getaway here’s local 10 News reporter – ruff horn a live with the exclusive Terrell what happened oh this couple actually calls it a nightmare you know it was a splurge for them to stay here and this high priced hotel but they thought it would be worth it because it was one of the best nights of their lives instead what they got well they documented it at all on their cell phone Vanessa Dorado Walker and her new husband Eric have only been married two weeks and they decided to celebrate their union with a stay at the Biltmore a five-star luxury hotel oh we drove in and we thought wow we got one night that’s the Biltmore I’ve never done that before I went in with my dress we checked in and initially it was it was great it just went downhill from there from there but hours into the stay the couple says they were roused from their sleep we started hearing a lot of noise from the roof it was very clear sounded like it was right next to us it was banging it was drilling it was everything you could think of when it comes to construction there was nothing given us to given to us in writing there was nothing given to us by word of mouth so we were completely blindsided that this construction was going on today we spotted construction crews on the property in Coral Gables in the middle of that multi-million dollar renovation project a plan that is mentioned on the hotel’s website but does not say anything about excess noise or customer inconvenience still the walkers say they booked the room through a third party site there are a lot of guests actually complaining about about the noise the couple complained to the front desk and to management but they say their frustrations fell on deaf ears after spending nearly 500 bucks for the one night it needs to Biltmore you expect more and this couple says that they have not been refunded the money they paid for that room but at the end of the day they say it’s not about the money it’s how they were treated in the meantime we’ve reached out to the Biltmore here multiple times even made contact with a representative of the hotel here but our requests and our repeated requests for comment on this story well has not been returned reporting live in Coral Gables I’m Terrell forename local tanning perhaps that’ll change after your reports around thing