So in like 2015 I was drilling water wells one summer and I absolutely hated it And uh, My dad was selling his acreage he had had for like 30 years and uh he decided to Get me to post the equipment that he was selling and stuff around the house on Kijiji so Headed up uh setting up an account posting it and I posted everything a little bit higher than what he wanted for it and I was starting to Sell all the stuff and make a little bit of cash For myself doing that So basically, that’s how Buy – Sell – Find came to be. I had for the first year and a half it was basically Grinding away getting Finding anything on Kijiji that I could find that I could basically flip and make a few bucks on So it was like washer/dryer sets, fridges just anything. Basically I could buy clean up and resell and make a dollar so For ya for literally a year. I was like this on Kijiji Refreshing and any time something good came up. I would try to scoop it up for a good deal and flip it and put in my garage and that’s basically ya how it came to be and then Fast-forward, I guess to three and a half years later and It’s turned into an actual company now We have eight thousand, just under eight thousand square feet of warehouse space here a couple C-cans full of equipment