I’m here at the Tel Baruch Central synagogue and I’ve come for a reason, I’ve long been intrigued by Judaism. I work with many Jewish people, have many Jewish friends and I want to find out what all the fuss was about. So I thought, maybe while I’m here in Tel Aviv, I could quickly convert to Judaism and become Jewish myself. I have about an hour and 25 minutes to absorb 4,000 years of culture and deeply held religious belief. This is Rabbi Halbertal? Very good. Very good, I got it right? Halbertal. That’s right. Thank you very much for agreeing to meet with me. Thank you, it’s my honor. What’s involved for me to convert? First of all, you come in front of a court, a Jewish court. This is the first stage, and you are pure. I’m pure, what does that mean, do I have to be a virgin? No, no, no, no, I mean, you have to live with pure… Oh, I thought you meant I had to be a virgin because up until five years ago, I’d have be fine. One who converts. Yes. It’s like he was born from today. That’s fantastic. Unbelievable and it means, that you don’t have father, you don’t have a mother, you don’t have a sister, you can marry them. It’s not so easy to marry them sometimes. Wait a minute, are you saying I can… Wait a minute, I can marry my sister? Conceptually, you can marry her because you are born from now and you have no sisters. Rabbi, listen, if you had a publicist here, they’d be pulling you out of this thing right now. I think you’ve going down a bad road, I know you didn’t mean it that way. But you sort of said, we’re a very selective religion but the minute you join it, you can marry your sister. I know you didn’t mean that. It’s like you were born today. Yes, that’s the part I like. That’s the part I like. You’re a new man. I’m a new man, everything I’ve done before… No, nothing. I could have committed murder before and then, now… Free. Free. What’s with this guy? Is he still studying to get in? No, no, no. He’s been here since 11 right? Two more stages, one is the circumcise. If I am not circumcised, I have to become circumcised? That’s an amazing question, it’s a Jewish question I would say. It’s a pretty simple question. It’s either chop chop or no chop chop. Can we skip that part because I need everything I got down there. We can’t… I mean, I’m fine down there but I don’t wanna lose any of it. It’s very difficult for me to truly become Jewish. Yeah. There are many sacrifices and my place might have to be eviscerated. That said, I’m very much interested in having a bar mitzvah. You can bar mitzvah without doing nothing. Wait, I can just have a bar mitzvah? Yeah. Bar mitzvah means that a boy come to be a man. Yes, I would like to become a man. I remember a kid got a dirt bike. People got amazing stuff. Only in the States, here they got books. You get books here? Like this one over there, one of those books. Look at him, that’s the last thing he needs is another book. This guy needs a dirt bike, that’s what he needs. By the way, I hate to break it to you but he’s reading “The Da Vinci Code.” He’s not as scholarly as you think. I feel… I feel good, do I look Jewish to you? It begins. It begins. That’s right. Too long. Please welcome the bar mitzvah boy, Conan O’Brien! (cheering) Thank you very much, this is amazing! The theme tonight is, Boy II Man. Okay, I understand that it’s traditional at the bar mitzvah for me to get gifts. Is that right, Rabbi? Oh, oh ya. Yeah, I don’t know what that meant, what the Rabbi just said. You have money? Everyone come forward, that’s good. It’s cash only, I don’t want any checks. It’s my bar mitzvah yeah!