The last couple of weeks if you’ve been checking out our show at all you probably notice that I’m exploring different areas here at the Universal Studios. You know I checked out the studio tram one time, I went to the sound effects studio, I’ve just been exploring in general. What turns out here at Universal, they have a giant prop house on the lot. One of the biggest prop houses in the world has got
all kinds of cool props, I heard anyway I thought I should check it out find out
what’s going on here’s what happened. I’m here with Beverly, Beverly is the Director of the Props Department is that right? Correct. Okay is props is the right term? Yes. Props and you guys must have hundreds of thousands of props here. We
have over 400,000 bar-coded items. Oh my God, look at this it’s a whole different world here. This is a whole different world. It looks like Liberace threw up in here, its crazy. So we could just take a walk down through these aisles
and you’ll see all kinds of good stuff. Look at all these telephones. With all the
different colors. All that great older phones Yeah. Hello, President Eisenhower nice to see you. yes, yes, yes, it’s all going well President Eisenhower. I’m enjoying 1958 good day. Oh, European phones from Pope ah chocolate is the banning. Gonna get there right away there’s a fire at the 3Ds bar. yeah bring the
Sheriff, yeah. Hello, Louie the 14th, phones haven’t been invented yet. We’ll get right back to you. Beverly, I don’t know if you’ve met Larry King. Larry… Beverly.. Nice to meet you. Missoula Falls, next caller. Tonight the cast of The View. Disappointingly small Pirate’s treasure chest. Overconfident World War 2 GI. We’re going to storm the beach and then immediately after a luau. Look at this, it is just a generic machine for any science fiction movie. phase 1, phase 2, finish. Man, sweet. It’s Superman, let’s give it to him with this old musket. They blast away at Superman, he
strides forward grabs it and then Superman makes a big show of. Just take it already. Don’t stand there like a jerk and bend their rifle for 10 minutes. Hey, I got my rifle back. What happened? Superman bent it after they shot. What did he do that for? I don’t we took like 10 minutes and bent it. He was smirking the whole time. This is
like a serial killers den in here. Do you know what I mean? That poor guy have a few problems. aaahhh, he needs some work up here and also he’s not going to get a lot of action. That’s all he’s packing you know what I mean? Why… why was I given a knob? whoa why? We’re back here on 60 minutes. Oh please settle down Morley. You settle down, we’re gonna get to the bottom of this caper. Oh, God… I’m sorry, Mr. Safer if you’re watching it’s way pass your bedtime. This is a guitar. uh-huh. Here this is nice. This is beautiful, do you mind if I play this? Not at all. This is nice because I actually when I
was a kid I used to sing songs as a little lonely boy, to my… I had 40 little
plastic turtles. Right here, so I used to just pretty much this is what I do in my. (singing) “Little plastic turtles, sitting along the shelf. I sing to you because I’m lonely and I can’t help myself, can’t help myself. Little turtles.” That was pretty much my entire childhood. Is that sad to you? That’s sad. OK. You should have at least had a big turtle. And you know it also frightened me at night as a child I had this monkey. This accusing monkey staring at me in my bed. I had this look at him. You, you who do you think you are? You little freak! You have trophies here? Lots of trophies. This is actually one
trophy that I got in high school this is the trophy that I won in 11th grade, I was very proud and I still have this skirt. You do? And have the little hat though? “Whoa” Those were good times. (singing) “Little plastic turtles, sitting along the shelf. I sing to you because I’m lonely and I can’t help myself, can’t help myself. Little turtles.” You, little freak!