What’s up, guys? What’re you up to?
You asked me how do I create my 8-bit animations. If you like this kind of videos, hit the like button
so I know you want me to make more of them. The finished animation lasts for 10 seconds.
I will explain all my steps. This is not a tutorial but the way I work.
In fact, there’s plenty of room for improvement. Ok, let’s do this! This was my first idea: my character
eating pop-corn on the sofa while watching TV. I will use this image as a reference
for position and perspective. I want the add to show over the bottom bar,
which I use in all my videos. The starting point is this image and another one with black bars where I will place all the objects. The first step is to reduce the image
to place the objects close to it. I want it more or less over here. Slightly above the black bar while keeping enough room for the text on the right. It’s way too high for the whole TV to show.
I split the image and replace the objects. There’s no animation for my sprite eating pop-corn.
I have to make it. I look for something I can use. I think I can modify this seating position to place him on a sofa. I look for some pixel pop-corn as a guide
and some arms that can be useful. I realize that it looks much better
if he’s seating on the floor. It’s more childish. I always modify my first idea whenever something better appears, no matter if it’s more or less work. I want to place a can in his other hand.
I remember I made it in a previous video. It’s too big. Whenever things get scaled or rotated in pixel art, they look awful and they need to be fixed. My seating sprite is too old. I add a new head, shorts and flip flops, so it matches the one from season 2. Fortunately, I find some feet I can use
from previous animations. I spend a while modifying the pop-corn,
the arms and the body. I think 3 positions will be enough:
grabbing, eating and one more between those two. The animation will be:
grab, intermediate, eat, intermediate and repeat. I want to start placing everything to be sure now. I place a rug behind my sprite because
I loved to watch TV on a rug when I was a kid. I change the color of the carpet and the TV
and I give them more texture and detail. Some parts of the rug should be lighter because of
the light coming from the TV. The 3 positions are done but the animation looks weird because I’m just grabbing pop-corn really fast. I decide to make 2 more munching positions.
I will create them by raising the head by one pixel. I make some more positions for the mouth too. I want a simple and retro animation but each frame
will have a different duration so I don’t look like a robot. I know the way each object will show up.
The rug will come from the bottom in first place. I will complete all the missing texture
that was covered by my sprite and the TV. Everything’s ready to be animated in Premiere.
I place everything along with some text. Instead of a pixelated font,
I use the Super Nintendo font to add some contrast. I enlarge the main words. I want the TV to fall from the sky in front of the video
to get the attention. I make it squeeze and rebound
like a ball hitting the ground. I add acceleration and blur to imitate the real thing. The pop-corn will slide on the floor with a small rotation
as if someone throwed them. Some pop-corn will appear on the floor everytime
my sprites grab them, as if he was dropping them. Everytime they will appear on one side of the bucket. My sprite will run towards the TV in a rush,
like if his favourite program starts. I hope that the eating and running animations match
so I don’t have to create a new seating animation. It looks pretty cool. I select the best position
to finish the running animation before he sits. I realize that the can suddenly appears
when he sits down. I create a new can with no fingers and I animate it
in the pop-corn way. It will take longer as it is further. I try that its final position matches the can in the hand, so it looks like he grabbed it. I modify the text and I realize that this font
does not include colons and plus sign. I like skipping the plus sign
but I will create the colons using the same style. The text will slide really fast behind the rug with motion blur. It will slow down and finish with a small rebound. While moving, it will be created from
large blocks. They imitate pixels. I add some shadow for each object. Fortunately ,
I can use Mandel’s shadow from another animation. For the rest of the objects, I have to place the shadow frame by frame while they are moving. The shadow of the TV will always stay on the rug and
it will grow and get darker as it falls down. Of course, I will make it lighter during the rebound. I duplicate my character in a lighter tone
to simulate the TV lighting in some frames. I want the whole glasses to white
during those moments, imitating the shinning. I try to put a white piece inside the glasses but
I realize that the head is moving at some frames. The easiest way is to create another animation
where the whole glasses are white. I add a blue tone in the sprite for the shinning moments. I create a white light towards the sprite coming from the TV. I place everything on a picture to see the final result. The light is too hard so I experiment with Premiere’s lighting effects, which I never used before. The controls are really easy and intuitive.
After a while, I have the light I want. I add a shadow behind everything on the video too. The difference between normal
and light moments is too big. So I decide to create a softer and uniform secondary light. It will be intensified at some moments. Now my sprite should be always somehow highlighted with a blue tone. That way everything makes sense. This light will be harder at some moments. The text’s background is too empty.
I add a red gradient so it matches the rest. I add some gradient and shadow
to the text to make it pop out. I think a rotating logo from season 3 would on the right.
It would look like television content. I add a circle with spikes to the logo
so is not that simple and rotation is more visible. It will appear by growing
and finish with a small rebound. It makes more sense that
the rug slides from the left af it was unrolled. After the 10 seconds animation,
I want everything to disappear in a simple and fast way. The TV fell from the sky and everthing else showed
with a nice animation to get the viewer’s attention. The main thing is done. I don’t want to add more distractions once the information has been given. In order to do so, I want the text to slide to the right and the rest slide to the left. 5 frames should be enough. In the end, I add some 8-bit sounds for the rug, the TV, when the text shows and when everything disappears. I modify the speed, the pitch and the direction
to make them unique. This is an info animation. You will know when to come back even if you don’t receive YouTube’s notification. If you want YouTube to notify about all my videos,
you have to subscribe and click the bell icon. That was all for my 10 seconds animation.
I hope you enjoyed as much as I did while creating it.