[Train Whistle] I’m Seth Sanders, my title, I’m the owner of Puffebelly’s restaurant. I have been for about 21 years.
We actually opened up the restaurant while I was finishing school down at the University of Houston. And my mom kind of took over the, took over the major work, and then when I got out of school, I took it over from her. In fact, she kind of threw at me and said, “you take it.” [laughing]
>>CI Reporter: Can you tell me about the name?>>Sanders: A puffabelly is a train, in the train yard that would move all the cars around. Kind of like a tractor. And then the train would head out across the country, so that’s where the name Puffabelly came from.
>>CI Reporter: What are some of the customer favorites?>>Sanders: I would say all of our hamburgers, the chicken burger, which is just a chicken breast- we call it a chicken burger- chicken breast with jaleponos and swiss cheese is probably the, one of the most favorites of them. It is all homemade, the chicken fried steaks are hand-breaded, hamburgers are hand- pattied and put on a flattop grill.
We have a lot of live music. I have a fella, his name is Davin James, a lot of people know him, he’s a good Texas singer, song-writer.
The kids of the people we used to serve that were this tall, two or three or four years old, are now working for me. I’ve got four of them that I remember coming into eat, years ago. It’s definitely a family business, and you know if it’s not blood-family, my staff has been here forever, my manager has been here for 15 years and now we’re family.