Hey guys, Paul again from Rapids Wholesale. Whether the food and drinks you are serving
require cooling, chilling, or freezing, you gotta get it cold with refrigeration units
and cooling equipment. And here at Rapids Wholesale, we know a thing
or two about cold! For merchandising your product or for food
storage and preparation, you can serve your customers with confidence
when using commercial refrigerators, freezers and cooling units available here at Rapids
Wholesale. We carry only the best and most reliable brands
like True, Beverage Air, Perlick,
Delfield, Arctic Air, Turbo Air, Scotsman,
Manitowoc, Master-bilt, Structural Concepts,
and Leer, to name just a few. On our ordering website under the Commercial
Refrigeration button you will find our refrigeration supplies divided into simple categories. Under the bar category is where you will find
commercial coolers ideal for any bar, pub, tavern, or restaurant. Here you will find bottle coolers tons of beer dispensers our speciality. kegerators or portable keg tappers as well as glass chillers. Rapids carries a pretty large selection of
commercial ice machines to fit your overall volume and the type of ice that you need whether
it be cubed, half dice, flake or nugget ice. These ice makers come in different physical
sizes, in order to meet your footprint requirements. The Ice dispensers we carry will make the
ice and deliver it right to the cup! Ice bins, cleaners, caddies and all the other
accessories you may need can be found in this category as well. Now under the Chillers category you will find
our selection of one and two lid glass chillers and plate frosters. These will help you serve ice cold beers and
cocktails and preserve the coolness and freshness of the
fruits and vegetables on the plated salads you serve even after they have arrived at
your customers table! Presentation is everything and the right display
case can improve your bottom line and we have many models to choose from. We have a plethora of reach-in glass door
display refrigerators and freezers. We carry glass-top display freezers open front display merchandisers. We have ice cream dipping cabinets, floral coolers, wine dispensers and coolers. We carry deli cases, bakery and pastry display cases. We have sushi display cases and even milk coolers. Now most kitchens require a LOT of cold storage
space and here at Rapids we can easily set you up with the newest walk-in refrigerators
and freezers. We also have the condensers, coils and all
the parts to keep them functioning at their best. We can get you replacement doors, strip doors
and curtains glass display doors for them. We have dunnage racks and
shelving and other accessories from thermometers to outdoor conversion kits. When you click on the kitchen refrigerators
category, you’ll likely be impressed with the HUGE selection of reach-in coolers, prep tables, under counter fridges, worktop fridges. We have the chef bases and all the little parts, to properly equip
your kitchen, from the foremost distributor of bar and restaurant supplies, Rapids Wholesale. So click through to our website to find the
refrigeration system that’s perfect for your place, and remember, if you need a little help figuring
out which unit makes the most sense for your establishment, buzz the experts here or jump
on our online chat!We’re here to help! And at Rapids Wholesale . . . “Your bottom
line is our top priority”.