In this video about commercial kitchen
design and equipment, we’re going to talk about healthcare and in particular —
hospitals. Eli, how are you doing? Great, how are you? I’m well. Thank you. So I
understand that part of what you guys do at Culinary Depot is you do commercial
kitchen design for hospitals. Can you tell me some of the more interesting and
unusual cases that have come up? So we find more and more the hospitals moving
away from the traditional tray service and moving to an a la carte dining
experience. Very important that we want to have the residents, the patients, and
their family members get a great experience in food service. This makes
sense to me because — this might just be me but — when I go to a hospital and I’m
visiting someone, one of the first questions I’m asking them is — how’s the
food? Because I’m always thinking it’s gonna be the jello in the tray but
you’re saying it’s changing from that. It’s definitely changing. Today you’ll get a
burger, you’ll get a menu versus a salad menu, there’s an open and flex menu so you can order according to your likings and they’ll meet your diet needs accordingly.
So you’ve actually got some choice now. Correct. Choice is a great thing. Yes. Who
knew that was more healthy? It is. It actually is very healthy, yes. What are
some of the key design considerations when you’re considering designing a
kitchen for a hospital? So what we focus on the meal delivery is the a la carte
style. Right. So we get every meal delivered within 45 minutes from the
time of ordering so they go up to each wing in the hospital on a much quicker
pace so there’s a much larger footprint needed to be able to implement that. Well
and that sounds actually quite demanding. I mean to get a meal from ordered to
someone’s bedside — because they could be all across the whole Hospital here we’re
talking about — in 45 minutes. It’s surely, that’s got to be quite challenging.
Correct. So there’s a key element to that is with the food prep prior to that by
having a whole area of prep. Okay so now you’re sort of getting
yourself stalked and locked and loaded sort of a thing. And then you can more
easily, quickly actually- Expediting of the actual
order is a very short time where there’s a lot more focus on the prep area and
preparing. That makes sense to me. And so you need the bigger footprint to have
more room to do that preparation. Correct. And with that preparing, it’s cooked in large volume so
you’re looking at combi ovens, steamers, tilting skillets, braisers, and things
like that. So you make a whole lot quantity and then sort of portion it out
as you go. Portion it out. Correct. Okay, that makes sense to me. So are there any
particular pieces of commercial kitchen equipment that you might recommend in
these circumstances? So we definitely do. We split up the cooking line into two
areas. On the cooking a la carte, we have grill, griddles, fryers, and ranges. On the
other side, we’ll have combi ovens, convection ovens, kettles, braising pans,
and things like that. Alright, that makes sense.
And I’m imagining also that there would be a larger demand for storage if you
happen to prep more- Correct! Very important to allocate the correct amount
of storage. Nearby to be able to have for freezer
space, cooling space, and dry storage as well as ware washing. Very, very
important to make sure the sanitizing is done properly. And keeping
the level of food safety up to par with the local codes. And of course the care
for the residents so that’s something that we take into consideration as well
that makes a lot of sense I can only think that look sanitizing and safety
and so forth are important everywhere but with a hospital sure it’s got to be
you know really important what are some of the I know you guys have done a lot
of work in hospitals what are some of the hospitals that you might name that
we might recognize I know that you’ve that don’t work in Robert Johnson is the
first one that comes to mind we’ve done a lot of piece work there where they’re
constantly improving and implementing new pieces of equipment to outfit the
ability of providing that diet which is very very new Overlook Hospital is
another great Hospital that we do a lot of work with and we’re actually
Morristown Medical Center where we’re implementing the entire room service
versus the traditional tray okay so you’re moving right into that Ellicott
space that you were talking about correct very interesting we wrap we’ll
look thank you so much for your insight there I appreciate it if you’d like to
find out more about commercial kitchen design and commercial kitchen equipment
particularly with a view to health care and hospitals please visit us online at
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