In this video, we’re going to talk about
commercial kitchen design and commercial kitchen equipment with particular
reference to bars and hotels. Good morning, nice to see you again. Good morning. So I’m very curious — this conversation about commercial kitchens — we’ve been speaking about restaurants and cruise ships and other things. What are some of the
particular considerations with commercial kitchen design for a hotel? So
hotel is very interesting. Number one — it’s running 24 hours a day. Right, of
course. You know, so when you’re dealing with equipment, you want to deal
with hotel equipment. You want to deal with hotel strength equipment. Actually
it’s called hotel series. When you look for the model number under Vulcan,
whether it’s Vulcan Garland- Some of the key considerations when it
comes to a hotel- commercial kitchen in a hotel… that it’s gonna be open 24/7. What
are some of the other important parts? So it has to be very- everything has to be double
the strength. Because you’re using it double the time. Double or triple. So
right away we’re dealing with hotel series. The second thing we’re dealing
with here is a service for the rooms. There’s room service. Right, of course.
It’s a whole new section. It’s something totally different. And you have to have
the right refrigeration there. The right freezers. Because you know, a hotel could be big and you don’t want to have to run five miles down the hallway to pick up your room service items. So you have to set something
really properly. You really have to think this over properly and come up with the
right design for the room service, for the restaurant that you’re gonna feed in
the hotel. For the banquets that you’re gonna be doing in the hotel. So you go
through all of that in one like large kitchen. One large kitchen, correct. And you have to have the delivery system done properly as well. The refrigeration
for the stuff coming in on daily basis. The refrigeration that you’re holding. The
refrigeration that you need for the day for the prepping. So this is all has to
come together with a nice… like sort of visual
flair. Visual flair. Correct, exactly. Because I see that sometimes in hotels, where they’ll
have as it were a visually exposed kitchen and I guess it wants to look
good at that point. Definitely. This has to be a little theater in the design. Yes,
you want to have some higher-end equipment that’s gonna last a long time.
That can take a lot of abuse. That makes sense to me. Okay, so those are some of
the – in terms of equipment – well go ahead. Again, then we have the bar. That’s what I
was gonna ask you about next. Out front, of course we have a bar in most hotels, maybe several. Yes, several. Could be multiple bars. Exactly. So what are some of the key considerations for commercial kitchen design in bars? So safety again is very
key. Because now the public is sitting around the bar, the public is coming over
to the bar. So safety is very important. Right and I imagine sanitation. Sanitation. Sanitation is extremely important. Right. Again, we’re dealing with laws of
sanitation. You have to have your three compartment sink, your sanitary sink,
rinse sink, your holding tank, and your prep sink. And then you have depending on how big the hotel is you may have a couple of stations so safety is number
one and sanitary is I would say is number two and then you want to keep the
right space don’t take too much space and of course not too little space
all right so design proportions also very important well thank you appreciate
that I’m for me it’s very interesting to find out more about the principles of
design and the equipment that you might need in this protect particular case for
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