In this video, we’re going to talk about
commercial kitchen design and equipment in the Army and Navy. Good afternoon, how are you? I’m fine, thank you. That’s good to hear. One aspect of commercial kitchen design that’s fascinating to me is designing kitchens for Army and Navy use. In particular I’m talking about army bases, I’m talking about for the Navy add-on their actual ships. Do you have some experience in these places? I sure do.
So what are some of the, tell me, can you give me examples — obviously it’s the Navy and the army — but some particular places you’ve worked. Well we’ve done we’ve done army bases and Navy bases around the country. Where it differs from a
normal restaurant design is that generally speaking, space is not an issue.
They’re usually very large facilities, you have all the room in the world to
layout whatever you want to lay out. So that’s nice.
Generally speaking you have all the manpower in the world. You know — manpower is not an issue in an army meeting space. What you don’t have is skilled manpower. You don’t
have career cooks in the back. So laying it out is fairly simple, but the
equipment doesn’t necessarily have to be the most efficient equipment in the
world because they’ve got time, they’ve got men — what they don’t have the skill,
which means you have to have simple equipment. So the things that are back
there have to be made in a way that anybody can use it.
And that’s where technology comes in. Where we have now equipment, which is
programmable. You push this button and you put the chicken in and it comes out
whatever whatever menu item you want it to be. The new equipment items solve a
lot of these kind of problems. That makes sense to me. So what kind of numbers are
we talking about here? What kind of problem do we have? I mean how many
hundred people do you have to feed at one time? Or is it just like 24/7 grazing?
How does that work? Well, generally speaking it’s on a schedule — yeah.
Although these army bases are not prisons — I mean, they do have access to,
you know, to snacking in between meals. But in general, yeah. You’re gonna need to feed hundreds of people all at once. And so that means
large equipment. That means kettles. It means tilt skillets. That means large
steamers. These kinds of equipment where they’re going to be able to put out
large quantities, limited menu items. There’s not going to be a great deal of choices,
but it’s got to be large quantity and it’s got to be, it’s got to be all hot at
the same time. That makes sense to me. So how about if we’re designing a kitchen, a
commercial kitchen for a Navy, to get on a boat. I mean — surely there’s some issues here when it comes to things moving around. Well there’s no question there
are, there are different kinds of legs that are, that are meant to be secured.
But that’s not that difficult. But you do have to consider is —
is this piece of equipment going to even be able to get to the galley area of the
kitchen? I mean — there are there are small access spaces in Navy vessels- Patches and so forth? Exactly. You’re
not going to be able to get a typical refrigerator or a typical range through
a lot of the spaces on the Navy vessels. so in fact there are a couple of
manufacturers that have Marine Series equipment and so you would you would
naturally go to them first and they know what sizes are maximum and in some cases
these pieces of equipment are meant to be bolted together on-site you know so
if it’s a large piece of equipment it’ll be delivered in a couple of pieces it’ll
be bolted together on-site and they’ll have what they need all right so let’s
talk about a particular pieces of equipment you’ve spoken about you’ve got
lots of room you’ve got lots of people when it comes to a military base you’ve
got less room and you got to get through hatches when it comes to the Navy Army
Navy how about the Air Force is there anything different with them well in the
Air Force Base is pretty much like an army base getting everything into the
plane there’s not there’s not too much going into the planes but in in general
in general the food is getting better in these situations it used to be where you
know the army you saw in the old movies you know it was it was pretty bad food
you know it was a heart attack on toast doesn’t happen anymore they’re there
creating good meals you know appetizing meals therefore for military personnel
and so they want they want a good choice they want a nice menu item
they want to be able to offer decent decent food so you do have to give them
you do have to give them cooking equipment that’s going to be able to
create a nice variety of menu items and still be able to create a lot of it all
at once so let’s talk about what I imagine is a big deal when it comes to
the Army and Navy in the Air Force security are there any security issues
with these kitchens and I’m just thinking the Indiana Jones movie where
the refrigerator shielded Indy during a nuclear block very specially secured is
there any issues in that direction well there are refrigerators that I that
we do specify with what are called seismic legs these are things that are
you might want to put in an area where it might be earthquake prone or like you
say in an area where there might be a violence or something along these lines
where the legs might keep it from collapsing during you know during some
kind of an incident what for the most part for the most part I think the they
replace their equipment when it goes bad what I found that what I found though is
that installation is never really a concern generally speaking when we don’t
have specification issues with the military when they call us up and they
say they need something in a certain voltage and a certain type of gas
generally they don’t make mistakes surprising but they’re surprisingly
efficient on the other end about knowing what they need is something good
engineers yeah it’s been helpful in general that’s the case but what I’m
hearing is there’s no such thing as a bulletproof fridge that’s another thing
not to my knowledge not to my knowledge all right terrific thank you so much for
your insight here that we appreciate it if you’d like to find out more about
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