Hey folks, Paul at Rapids Wholesale. Quality, consistency, timeliness. It’s a
no-brainer. These are the components necessary for any
profitable food service enterprise. Folks expect the best food, served time and
time again by an all star staff. Your kitchen is the engine that drives your
customers experience. Your dining room may be the prettiest one
in town and your front of house staff the best money can buy, but if that engine sputters
. . . No longer are you riding the gravy train to
easy profit, and the competition will leave you in their dust. Make sure your kitchen staff has the proper
equipment to consistently and efficiently produce the top-knotch dining experience your
customers were promised by crossing your lease line and let us help. Here at Rapids Wholesale we carry the tools
and parts you need to build the perfect kitchen and maintain flawless operation. From food prep to final plating we gotcha
covered with our expericence, knowledge base and our relationships with the best and most
reliable brands in the industry, we can get you on track to bigger bottom lines. We have a developed special partnerships with
manufacturer’s like all of these Frymaster, Cleveland, Star, Doyon, Garland, Vulcan, APW, Lincoln, Nemco, Panasonic, Hatco, Amana, Baker’s Pride, Eagle, Berkel, Advance Tabco, Lakeside, Intermetro, and of
course Hobart! Guys, these are just a few of the folks we
work with to insure you receive the equipment that compliments your volume and production
needs perfectly. Now I understand that there are a lot of components
that make your kitchen run, so to make selecting and ordering the correct unit you need easier,
we have divided these wares into simple categories on our ordering website. Simply click on the Kitchen equipment button
and you will see the page laid out like this. Now under the commercial cooking equipment
category is where you will find key appliances okay, like commercial fryers,
ovens and ranges, griddles and charbroilers,
salamander broilers and cheese melters, sandwich and panini presses,
tabletop ranges and induction cookers, hot plates,
commercial microwaves, grills,
proofing and holding cabinets, rice cookers,
smokehouses and meat smokers, steam jacketed kettles and convection steamers,
commercial toasters, waffle makers
and food warmers. The food prep category is where you’ll find
the tools and supplies to help your staff get ready for the rush. Here you are gonna
find, Commercial meat slicers
food processors blenders
meat grinders commercial mixers
scales the pizza equipment
salad spinners and slaw cutters slicers and shredders
choppers and wedgers pie markers and cutters
rapid-kool chilling paddles and commercial grade cutting boards Chefs and cooks gotta have ample workspace
and under the work and prep tables category you will find our selection of tables organized
by the size of backsplash 1 1/2″ or
4″ and here you find Baker’s Tables
and Flat top tables also it’s all searchable by the overall
width The equipment stands and shelves are arranged
in the same fashion. Our commercial sinks are broken down by kitchen and 3 compartment sinks
hand sinks utility and mop sinks
and you’ll find our selection of faucets and other parts here too. Whether dry or refrigerated, for storing or
moving, under the restaurant shelving category you will find our assortment of commercial
shelving and push carts for keeping your product all organized. Here you will find loads of wire shelving and posts
camshelving kitchen carts
storage racks wall shelving
and security shelving and cages And make sure you are plating your dishes
on spotlessly clean dinnerware by investing in a quality commercial dishwasher, you’ll find our selection under this category.
And you can choose from undercounter dishwashers and
door type dishwashers, and be sure to grab the proper dishwasher
racks, dish carts and dollies,
we have booster heaters in here, garbage disposals,
and dish tables, and all the little things like gloves, and
aprons and brushes in this section. And you can remove grease, smoke and steam
with the kitchen ventilation equipment found under this category. Here we have
Exhaust hoods, fans
and filters and make up air fans all from the foremost distributor of commercial
kitchen equipment Rapids Wholesale. So click through to our ordering website and
gear your kitchen up properly! and remember, if you’re unsure which rig
is right for your kitchen, buzz the experts here or click on our online chat, we’ve been helping good folks like you for
over 75 years. and at Rapids Wholesale . . . “Your Bottom Line is our Top Priority”