In this video, we’re going to talk about
commercial kitchen design and equipment in the context of educational facilities. How are we doing today? Fantastic. We just had lunch so we’re both feeling good. Yes, we’re all ready to talk about
education. And food service for them. Absolutely. So we’ve been focusing on K
to 12 schools. I know that there are universities and colleges and so forth.
Can you just share me a little bit about how those are different. So over there,
we’re seeing much more in regards to focusing on the newest trends of
creating your own salads and the variety of having a huge amount of different
menus and different cultures of food. So that would be as well as a more of a
business and industry application of a cafe, where it’s a much more of a
high-end experience of food so that we can get them in and they have a pleasant
experience eating lunch. Alright, so we make sure the universities are pleasant.
Little kids we don’t worry about? No, I’m just kidding.
And I get the volumes of food. That makes sense. And I really did not know about
the barcodes and all that stuff. That’s amazing to hear. Yeah. You have
anything else to add? Yeah, especially catering to the kids we spoke about different
menus and everything. So the decor is something that is very very important.
They find that when it’s attractive to the kids — where they’re picking up the
food, it gets them to actually pick the food. So in the cold areas, they’ll have
ice cream on display. On the hot area, they’ll show burgers,
french fries, and things that are tracked to the kids’ tastings. So that they get
really hungry and they eat a full healthy menu. Right, because making kids- Actually supporting kids in eating a full meal is gonna be important- To a
good education. Yeah, absolutely. And being able to sit in class. Makes sense. Alright, thank you for that insight. I do appreciate that. If you’d like to find
out more about commercial kitchen design and equipment with particular reference
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