In this video about commercial kitchen
design and commercial kitchen equipment, we’re going to focus on bars and hotels. [Music] Michael, lovely to speak with you. So tell me a little bit here about commercial kitchen design with reference to bars
and hotels. What are some of the key considerations that you have to keep in mind when you’re beginning this process? So for a hotel… what to keep in mind is hotels are very busy and operating for —
if not 24 hours, a majority of the of the day and night. Right. So you want to make
sure they’re heavy-duty that can withhold the abuse that they get. Now
this is someone was telling me — you’ve got a hotel grade and then you’ve got
sort of heavy-duty and then you’ve got a sort of a value chain. So you’re gonna
have to hit that hotel grade to deal with the amount of sort of volume that’s
happening here. Correct. Well, we want to help our customers is — when designing the kitchen for a hotel, we want to make sure that that piece of equipment will never
be down. Right. So we want to make sure it’s the heaviest duty possible. I want
to ask you a different question about commercial kitchen design for hotels and
bars. My guess is that some of these designs are done by the owners — you know, as they’re putting together their hotel and so on and so forth. Does that turn
out to be the right move here or are other stakeholders involved? The most
important factor is when designing a hotel kitchen is to have you a chef and
menu in place. So one of the challenges we see is that owners select the kitchen
equipment and then they bring in a chef and they want to move out pieces of
equipment. So we want to design the kitchen with the chef in mind and at
least if we could get the chef involved — if not from a chef’s point of view… Hmm.
What would the chef’s want? And absolutely, this is my understanding is
that you guys will even work backwards from a menu. That menu requires this kind of equipment to cook it and create a design from that point of view. Do you
guys go sort of from that perspective? Sure. So we work backwards. First thing
is the menu — before we even lay out the kitchen. So like this the kitchen
works with the menu. That makes sense to me. Okay, cool. So let’s move on. Last
thing I wanted to ask about is particularly about designing a bar. In
particular bars, what are some of the design challenges that come up? So the
two most important factors in designing a bar is are you gonna be serving
bottled beer or draft beer? Okay so that’s the one from the tap? Yes. Okay. And where you’re gonna keep the beer. How you get the proper run, the proper sizing. As well as the ice machine. Are
you gonna serve nuggets or pearl- Hang on. There’s more kinds of ice than just
one? I thought there was just ice or not ice. Great question. There are three types of ice. At least three. So and depends on the drinks — you know, what the owners want. You know — some want a chewable ice. Some want a cubed. In other places, there’s flaked ice. Unbelievable at the amount of detail. Alright, well cool.
Thank you so much. If you’d like further insight into what it is to design a
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