hi I’m Lester with Aisin refrigeration systems and today we’re going to be talking about commercial dishwashers if your per to buy a commercial dishwasher it’s really pretty simple and pretty basic you’ve got two choices really to choose from you’ve got what’s called low temp commercial dishwashers and you’ve got high temp commercial dishwashers a low temp commercial dishwasher the advantage of a low temp commercial dishwasher is there’s a lower initial purchase price they’re always cheaper they always the least prices on them are always less but now here’s the disadvantages of a comer of a low temp commercial dishwasher number one you have to buy sanitizer for a low temp dishwasher number two a low temp dishwasher only gets to about a hundred and fifteen some of them will get to a hundred and forty degrees tops but typically you’re looking at about 120 to 125 degree range now what that does is is if you’ve got a customer with lipstick in a taking it off egg yolk it ain’t taking it off fats from like steaks and things like that it’s not really going to take it off you’re gonna have to double wash them and you have to manually wash those items off the second thing is on a low temp dishwasher the average production of those units is about 40 racks per hour the third thing is which is about 15 racks less enough than a high temp unit the third thing is a your Chemical cost is a lot more you have to buy sanitizer and that’s an ongoing continual cost that plays in to your your low temp machine fourth thing is when you go to pull him out of the racks they’re wet you’ve got to sit him you’ve got two choices to do you can hand dry him or you can let them sit out and air dry the dishes are going to be wet or you can serve your customers with wet dishes but that’s not a very appealing thing to do now the other type of commercial dishwasher is what’s called a high temp dishwasher the advantages of this is is you don’t need sanitizers for this because the high temp dishwasher is going to go over a hundred and eighty degrees in there and so sanitation chemicals are not required so that’s a savings cost right there the other good thing about that is is if you’re a high-end bar if you’re a winery if you’re a if you’re a high-end type restaurant and you have a very discerning customer you really don’t want to use a low temp machine because of the sanitizer chemicals that are in there you get residual taste and flavor from that that a discerning customer will pick up on there will be that slight aftertaste to that so you can eliminate that by having a high temp machine high temp machine whenever will do more production wise or do 55 racks on average and when the dishes are done they flash dry you open it up you pull them out the air hits it and they flash drive there’s no wet dishes to be dried or have to leave around or anything like that your high temp machines tend to be Energy Star certified and are more energy efficient than low temp machines if you don’t have a choice and you don’t have the budget for it you got to go low temp machine but if you’ve got the budget for the long term in maintenance the long term in production and and an efficiency for your kitchen staff and for your customer it’s absolutely hands-down going to be a high temp machine we carry high temp machine dishwashers and we carry the best high temp machine dishwasher out on the market today and that’s what fulgor they have the best warranty the best track record they’ve been in business for a long time and you’d be very very pleased with one of their machines if you’d like more information give us a call at eight one seven eight eight eight three zero five six we’d love to talk to you more about it in detail or visit us on the web at let’s make ice calm thank you