Hey, Rick Uzubell again from Cabaret Design Group, talking today about the top seven list of commercial bar design finishing ideas. What are the top finishing ideas in commercial bar design? Here’s the list of the most common bar finishing options for restaurants, nightclubs and sports bars. ‘How are commercial bar designs finished?’ From equipment specifications, space utilization and bartender efficiency, as covered in my previous Vlogs, referenced below, it doesn’t take long to see that there’s a bit to know about bar design. But make no mistake, these only address the “factory-portion” of your bar. The fundamental goal in bar design isn’t only about creating an efficient layout that maximizes production profits, but one that’s also appealing and makes patrons comfortable. Our mission is to make the patrons want to return and this is achieved by making them feel as if your bar is theirs. Have you ever noticed how patrons of a popular bar speak as if it’s their own? ‘This is where I always sit,’…or ‘I’ve been coming here longer than you’ is common banter among regular patrons of popular bars. One universal truth about successful bar design is that the word gets around quickly about a great new stylish bar. People everywhere seem to gush about how beautiful the new bar is in town. How then, do we get from the fixture phase to the finished design? ‘How do we implement bar design finishes?’ A complete finished bar design also includes the overall aesthetic design of the bar. In other words, ‘How do you want your finished bar to appear? To answer this question, all of the bar finishes need to be addressed, from ceiling-to-floor, which means that all of the related design elements and issues need to be resolved. To summarize the many bar finishing options, I’ve assembled the following list, starting from the top and working our way down. The following is a top seven list of commercial bar finishing options. #1: Soffits, #2: Ceiling Treatments, #3: Wall Coverings, #4: Wall Coverings, #4: Architectural Lighting, #5: Bar Tops, #6: Bar Cladding, and #7: Footrests Now here’s the same list with all the subcategories added. Here’s the downloadable list of the top seven commercial bar finishing options we just reviewed. The combination of finishes shapes, colors and textures in your finished bar design needs to resonate with your patrons. The number of finishing methods and associated cost can easily exceed the cost of bar equipment, so attention has to be spent on maximizing the bar’s finish within your budget. A functional and aesthetically-appealing bar design is the end-result of considerable planning and knowledge of finishing systems. As I mentioned earlier, people love to claim ownership and want to return to a bar, restaurant and nightclub where they’re comfortable and feel good about themselves. The life cycle for design is eight-to-twelve years for most commercial establishments and depending on competition, can be much shorter — especially for nightclubs. Owners who attempt to avoid remodeling on a cyclical basis will no doubt pay the consequences, especially as new competition begins to pull their customers.