Have you ever had to find a place to sleep… at the last minute? Hi, I’m Pascal, and welcome to
this seventh training capsule, to help you on your next trip. Today, I want to talk to you
of a subject that I am confronted almost every day when I travel. Find a place to sleep. From here to the end of the capsule, we will explore
the best tools to find a room, at the last minute no matter where you
you are on the earth. But why not just book
nights at the hotel before leaving home? First, because in the type of trip
that I do, I never stay in one place. Most of the time, when I buy a
plane ticket, I take it one way, and I come back from another airport
than the one I arrived. Often, I do not even know from what
airport I will come back. Sometimes I know where I’m going, sometimes not. So how could I do
a reservation without even knowing where I’m going? If I booked all my hotels, I would have
the impression of being in prison. I would feel an obligation to go
at a place that I have previously determined. And I do not want that. I do not want to feel obligated either
to stay at one place, because I have booked a hotel for three days in a row. If after two days I think I saw what
I wanted, I want to move on. That’s why I never reserve
where I sleep. Also, using some tools that
we will explore in the next few minutes, you will see that rent a bed or a room
at the last minute, maybe a beautiful way to find discount. To find places to sleep, I use three tools. Ah com on! Not this kind of tools! I wanted to talk about Airb & b, Booking and Google Maps. I often use AirB & B to book
my first night before arriving in the country. What’s great about airB & B is that
they are people like you and me, who rent a chalet, an apartment, a room
in their bed and breakfast, or a guest room in their house. If you think AirB & B is only sleeping on a stranger’s sofa in his basement, you are wrong. There are rooms for all tastes. Starting from the luxury one, to the most original, just by the lake, in a bamboo house, in the trees, in height, or even on a boat, to the simplest rooms, or on a sofa if that’s really what you’re looking for. What I like about airB & B is that it
first allows me to make a connection with a person before you even arrive. For example, if you listened to my documentary
Japan by bicycle, you know that the day I left for the country
of the rising sun, there was a Typhoon who hit the area where I was going to land. The media broadcast images of the end of the world. I then contacted Yurika, who was going
to be my AirB & B host on my arrival at Kagoshima, to ask her for advice. She told me not to worry
that and that it was not so bad. And once you arrived, the AirB & B hosts are
able to advise for greatest attractions not to be missed in the area and the best restaurants because they often live there for a very long time. And there are rooms for rent everywhere around the globe. If we look at their homepage, we can
see very quickly the most beautiful rooms of the moment for all styles
everywhere on the map. But let’s say that I want to sleep in Kagoshima. In fact, it was in Kagoshima that I used
for the first time the AirB & B services. On left, for those looking for a place
quite original to their taste, I find pictures of rooms with their prices. While on the right, I find a map
of the city with prices, for those looking for simply a convenient place to sleep. Also at the top I can activate filters. No, but you’re really stupid! Go away! So I can only show hosts
able to accommodate a number of people, their type of room … I can also put a filter on the price, for example I do not want
pay over $ 89 for one night. And there are plenty of other filters for all tastes. Then I just have to move
on the map, and judge by the pictures and the place which room suits me best. Let’s say that I take this one by chance. No actually it’s not by chance it
is the Yurika’s apartment that I spoke to you earlier. It was here that I spent my first two nights in Japan and prepared my bike. Even before going to see the file in detail,
I can flip through the pictures of the place, the price of the night, and I can know she
have four and a half stars based on 175 reviews. I will keep the card aside to return
a little later, we will look at it in detail. Like with Google Flight I introduced you
last week, we can move on the map and find places to sleep. On the left, we see the best places. Most more expensive, but some
seems to offer beautiful experiences. But let’s go back to Yurika’s room, the
goal here was to save money. I had chosen it at the time because it
was well placed and she even indicated how to get to the place from
from the bus that was picking me up at the airport. 2014 is not that far but we had
not as many tools as today, so it was very cool. By scrolling on the card, we can see all
the details very quickly. The studio can accommodate 3 travelers and has
of 3 beds and a bathroom. Below you can read a description in
which we can see that the beds are actually Futons, or beds on the floor. We are in Japan after all. Below we see the equipment provided
in a very detailed form. We see here that the mattresses are indeed on the ground. The rules of the place. The possibilities of cancellations as well as
the comments of everyone who stayed there. The comments is actually what makes
AirB & B a safe place. Because there is always an ambiguous side
in going to sleep to an unknown person place. Hey Hello! Welcome to my home! Are you all right? Yeah… Yeah! Yeah? You would like a bit of salami perhaps. No no no it’s good thank you. Okay. Come, I’ll show you around and tell you
my life three times in detail. Yeah yeah yeah… In reverse, a host may also be worried
to let anyone in his house come in. That’s why registration to become
member on the site requires to send photos of official documents
to AirB & B to identify yourself. When you officially reserves in your own
name, it’s a lot less tempting to do stupid things then when you reserve
as BeachBoy_86. At the end of the stay, AirB & B invites the guest and the visitor to exchange a comment and a note. And both parties can only see
their result once everyone has written it. Like this, the notes can not be submitted
to the threat. If I did not have a good night, I
can register without fear of receiving a bad note,
because I left a bad comment. And my rating is very important. When I book a night somewhere, I
must first ask permission. The host will receive my booking dates as well as my profile and he will decide if he wants to welcome me. We are at his home after all. To reserve, you only have to select
number of travelers and dates. The lightest dates are not available. Probably they are already booked. Finally, it remains only to send
the request. I think AirB & B is a great way to find a place to sleep when you plan a little bit ahead. By cons when I travel day by day
well, although most answer very quickly, I do not have
time to wait for an answer. At this moment I prefer to find an establishment
well equipped with several rooms and / or of bed, generally available without reservation, in case I do not succeed in making myself
to the place I planned to go. When arriving, most of the time, it remains
places available. For that, I turn to Booking. A little under the same principle, I select
a city, a date, the number of guests and the number of rooms I’m looking for. Booking shows me
already several rooms available. In my case, I’m looking for almost everytime the cheapest place. So since there are 136 rooms at $ 79 and less,
the others do not really interest me. Of these, only five are hotels. Like AirB & B, there are rooms for
every taste. In my case there are only three criteria
which are important. It must cheap, there must be
Free Wi-Fi, and the room must be non-smoking. Right, I already see several rooms
that match my criteria, but I like to choose a room according to its position. So I do a search with the map. Now I can move and filter prices. If it interests me, I have only
click on it to learn more. Take this one for example. Only $ 30 a night, it suits me. Obviously, it’s a capsule type hotel. A little further down we see the other rooms
available in the same establishment. For example, the dormitory that we look at
is made to accommodate up to 14 people. For 4 $ more, you can sleep in a dormitory
for six people. If you looked at the previous capsule,
you know that the fewer people there are room, the better you’ll sleep. So you choose. On Booking also, people leave comments
according to their satisfaction. With a rating of 9.4 out of 10, I’m really
not worried. If you’re curious to know what is
a capsule-type hotel, I’m experimenting it in this video. The big difference between Booking and AirB & B,
is that Booking rents rooms in Establishments that are already hosting
their profession. So you can go directly to
the hotel in question without even making reservation because the address is right there. The hotel may have another room
available that will not appear on booking. In fact, Booking rents hotel rooms
to sublet them to their client. So it is not uncommon to see very
big discounts appear when we reserve at the last minute. But in any case, I go to the hotel
to know who is able to offer me the cheapest room. Sometimes the hotel staff prefers
make me a better price than the room already reduced on Booking. Because the hotel has already rented the Booking room. So it’s better for rent to rent me another one. If Booking does not succeed in renting it’s
room he just lost money rather than make a profit with his investment. Sometimes you will arrive at the hotel and
reception staff will tell you there is no more room available. In their register, the room is already
rented to Booking even if it is not yet booked. So you’ll still be able to take the
room by booking it on Booking by connecting to the Wi-Fi of the hotel. A minute later, the hotel reception
will receive an email from Booking saying that you are the person who will sleep in the room
they had already booked. There you go. If you travel by bike, you will sometimes be confronted to
crossed big regions in the middle of nowhere where neither Booking nor AirB & B
will have a room at your disposal. For these situations, I have one last tools
who is able to find places where to sleep that many do not know. This is Google Maps. You only have to type hostel in
the search bar, and prices will appear everything on the map. It is possible to display only
establishments according to their level of satisfaction and filter the prices. Then it is only necessary to walk on the
map and find the perfect place. By clicking on the place, Google refers
to the largest online booking site, such as Booking. It is thanks to them that Google is able
to display prices on the map. If there is only one small blue dot, it is
that the establishment is not on any website. But it still remains a place to sleep. If we move to another region,
we see that Google is full of places who are not under on the booking sites. But we can still see that 84 people
gave a rating to the hotel and I can even see 201 photos. If it interests me, I can contact the company or go there directly hoping to sleep there. The phone number and address is
find in the description on the left. Now, it’s up to you to find a place to sleep. If you do not already have an account with AirBnB or Booking, I can make you save on your first night. You only have to create an account
from the links in the description. These are referal links. AirB & B and Booking will reward you
and I when you’ll make your first reservation if you made your acount by following these links. So there we are, I hope that thanks to this
video, you will be able to find yourself a a place to sleep easily at a price
that you can affort. If you know other tips to find a places to sleep, share it with us in the comments. Have you ever slept in a really original room? I hope you enjoyed the capsule,
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next week. We will talk about backpack, because it’s
an essential element to any good trip, but there is so much choice, so which
will you choose? We’ll see that next week. Ciao!