“Castor family welcome back. How was your
trip in? “Excellent”
“Fantastic,” Plaza Beach Resorts Owner Robert Czyszczon. VO: The Plaza Beach Resorts has been family
owned and operated since 1988 and our guests notice the difference. “We’ve been all over Florida and our favorite
place to be is here.” “It’s all about the customer service here.
There’s great hotels up and down the beach but I think we differentiate ourselves because
of our customer service. The personal attention and the details that we give our guests. We
really pride ourselves on providing your family a great vacation,” Plaza Beach Resorts Owner
Robert Czyszczon. “With the family owned business, I think,
is nice because you feel more of a family atmosphere versus just one of the larger hotels,” “We like the whole atmosphere here. It’s cozy
I guess, is the best word I would use to describe it.” “Also, it’s not run like a business it’s run
more like a family. You can come in and talk to people that know us from years before and
they recognize us and they’re glad to see us again. So it’s more personable” “It’s really nice and um there are three different
places here and you can stay at any one of them. “Today I’m at the BayView Plaza Waterfront
Resort enjoying the beautiful waterfront out here as well as doing some grilling on the
grill. One of our guests actually caught some fish for us so I helped out as well so together
we caught quite a nice spread here. So let me show you what we got here. A fantastic
trout, freshly cut, it doesn’t get any fresher than that. Right from the water…right onto
the grill. Perfect. Perfect trout so we’ll let that simmer here for a little bit longer.
But BayView Plaza – fantastic property. We’ve got two hotels, the Bay Palms and the BayView
– side by side. Bay Palms Waterfront Resort has a lot of one bedroom and two bedroom suites.
Great for the families that want a little bit more space. All the rooms have full kitchens,
full size refrigerators, coffee maker, toasters. The BayView Plaza still has the same amenities
with the kitchen just in a studio apartment where it’s all one large room. But the fantastic
part are the balconies here. You get some fantastic balconies at a very affordable rate
and you’ve got the beautiful sunrise overlooking the water. So really this is a fantastic place.
Very quiet, very tranquil,” Plaza Beach Resorts Owner Robert Czyszczon. “So relaxing” “This is our first time we’ve stayed here.
We loved it and the rooms were great. Everything is really clean it’s great that we can use
the beach resort and here…and we go to the beach during the day and have the fun stuff
for the kids to do and come back here and go in the pool and then they fish off the
pier…It’s really nice. “It’s just the most beautiful place on earth” “It’s close to a lot of restaurants, it’s
close the grocery, it’s just a perfect location.” VO: We know you’re gonna love one of our three
unique boutique hotels right on St. Pete Beach. So from our family to your family -Welcome
to Plaza Beach Resorts. “Come to Plaza Beach Resorts and see it for
yourself” “By all means, we look forward to having you
at the Plaza Beach Resorts,” Plaza Beach Resorts Owner Robert Czyszczon. “Give it a try.” “ahhh….” “Oh my gosh.. that was so much” “bye”