today I’m going to be announcing my new
thrift challenge you guys really enjoyed my last one so I’m super excited to do
another one also as a little extra bonus today I’ll be sharing with you my latest
interior decor book that has been inspiring me first let’s talk about this
interior decor book that I want to share with you guys today that’s totally been
inspiring me I don’t buy interior decor books that often because they can be
pretty pricey so I kind of when I do buy one it’s really special occasion I like
to sit on the couch with a cup of tea a blanket and just absorb it it’s so fun
when I get to do that and that makes me think I should start this into a whole
new segment so anytime I want to talk about an interior decor book that
inspires me I’m just gonna throw it in in a video and there we go I’m gonna
call it sarah’s interior decor book it’s really awesome awesome talks yeah yeah
so today I’m gonna talk about the newest Bohemians handbook by Justina Blakeney I
think that I’m pronouncing her name right
she wrote the New Bohemians it’s a fun little another fun little interior decor
book and she also has a famous blog called the jungle Oh so if you haven’t
checked it out you should check out her blog but she’s a pretty pretty cool gal
and I really love her new book really all about like creating a space a home
that you love that’s filled with stuff you love you can picture yourself in it
and there’s a part of the book that inspired me from for this thrift
challenge that I’m going to talk about here in a minute she talks about if you
have a space in your home that’s really not functioning for your needs
then go ahead and change it up so that is what has inspired me one of the
things that has inspired me to do this next the Rif challenge which now I’m
gonna talk about so I had such a blast in my last thrift challenge that I just
couldn’t wait like I have to do another one and I think you guys responded
really well to that so today I’m gonna announce this new thrift challenge
makeover but here’s a catch I want to make over my dining room but I’m not
going to keep it a dining room I’m gonna make it into a completely different
space I’m gonna change up its function I’m gonna make it a music / media room
so this is probably a question you guys are asking why are you doing this number
one we have a kitchen table and a dining table so that’s like 10 chairs dining
chairs for P&I and we just never use a dining table it’s just doesn’t get used
number two we don’t do fancy dinners that often like once or twice a year and
it ends up collecting dust the dining table and it just collects stuff in and
we’re kind of sick of it number three is that we have this really cool stereo
system set up in that space and we have a lot of records that we like to listen
to but the dining table is like kind of in the way takes up a lot of space we
have to get around it squeezed by and it’s just it doesn’t function right
number four is there’s no rule that says we have to have a dining table like just
because of the person before us put a date dining table in this house doesn’t
mean we have to choose nobody tells me what to do all right so what do we want
what do I want to achieve what are they kind of make goals for
this new music / media lounge I want it to be comfy so instead of dining table
and chairs I think I want to get some sort of like comfy lounge chairs or like
a comfy sofa or like loveseat I’m not really sure when I see it I’ll know but
it has to be comfy number two I want to display some records we have a lot of
Records and storage but I want to put a lot of our favorite ones out on display
and I want it to be easy to be able to play record number three we have this
really cool wall unit that I definitely want to keep it just needs to be filled
with you know a lot of pretty stuff number four is soft lighting I want to
make sure there’s a lot of soft lighting in the space because it’s supposed to be
relaxing we have an overhead light that I really love but it just it’s only like
on one setting number five my goal for the space is
to finish the door we have this sliding slider door that we just put in this
summer as like a project for our house we added on a deck and we put up a new
slider in but we haven’t quite finished the inside molding of the slider so it’s
a bit of an eyesore right now so this is gonna actually force me to finish it and
get it done last but not least here’s here’s a part
that’s important for this challenge you have to do is follow three simple rules
one this challenge is gonna be 31 days long my last challenge my bedroom
makeover was was 60 days long and that for me I felt was just too long too I’m
giving myself a budget of $200 I’m gonna give myself a little bit more cushion
than last time to start in 3 if I sell anything in my entire space keyword and
tire there I’m going to put that money towards my budget so my motto kind of
this year is definitely gonna be if I bring anything into my home I want to
make sure I take something out and obviously I encourage you guys to do
this challenge as well follow along makeover it’s a space in your home
however you liked with whatever budget you want and we have 31 days starting
now that is it my high style thrifters yeah that’s why I’m calling you know cuz
I like it dig it alright question for you guys don’t
before I go let me know in the comments what types of videos you like to see
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comments give me a shoutout yeah Oh before I forget one last
announcement this is important I have dedicated myself to posting a video
every Friday morning that’s it you’re gonna get a video from me every Friday
morning I’m super excited about it because I have a schedule anyways that
now that’s finally it right again my name is Sarah I make
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alright see you on Friday next Friday bye