[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Stephanie
Essin here at GDC. I’m chatting with Ray
from Grunka Munka Games. It’s, like, the best name ever. They’re showcasing their
game at the Intel Indie Lounge called Collidalot. Tell us about it. So Collidalot is basically
jet-powered destruction derby hovercars, where you
can also grind on rails. And you paint the
rails as you do it. That sounds amazing. So what’s the
object of the game? So you have three different
game modes right now. The primary game
modes are, you’re just bashing into
each other a whole lot and beating the living
daylights out of your friends. It’s a local multiplayer
where you’re literally crashing into each
other a whole bunch and trying to be the
last person standing. There’s also a paint mode, where
the whole objective is just to dominate the map
in your paint color, and hold that dominance for
a certain amount of time. It sounds super fun. That’s awesome. So talk a little bit about
why you’re here at GDC today and how the Intel
Indie Lounge has been. Have you gotten a lot of people
coming by and checking it out? Yeah. First of all, it’s been great. And I’m thrilled to be here. The way that we ended
up making the game was, we had initially
launched on the Nintendo Switch back in November. But since around
that time frame, we’ve been working with Intel. And we used an
Intel Skull Canyon in order to make the games
play on that first platform. Since then, we’ve
acquired another one. And we are now a straight-on
Intel-certified partner. We’re a software
partner with Intel. Nice. So that relationship has
been really great for us. It’s been really helpful. And we wouldn’t have been able
to get PC-ready without it. Great. I love it. I’m glad that Intel
kind of helped you guys get to where you are. And it sounds like it has
pretty good reception. And so tell me a little bit
more about the studio that is behind this. And you work there, obviously. What was your role in
producing the game? Sure. So I’m actually a producer
and the chief marketing at Grunka Munka Games. So we are a very small studio of
five people that are full-time. And we’ve had a few other
people help us along the way. So in total, we’ve had less
than 10 people actually help build the game
throughout its entirety. And it started as a project
that some of the guys were working when they
were still in school, but slowly but surely became
a little bit more advanced. We had a few people notice us
when we were at some events. And then that got us invited
to the Intel Buzz workshop. And it was kind of all
off the races since then. Gotcha. We’ve had a bunch of
people playing the game. It’s been a ton of fun. Yeah. That’s awesome. So can you tell me a little
bit about how someone could go and learn more about the game? Yeah. So we are GrunkaMunka.com. Or you can find us most easily– @GrunkaMunka on literally
every single social media platform you could
possibly imagine. Great. I mean, it’s a very unique name. So that’s awesome. All right, well, thank you
so much for joining me. Thank you. And remember to check out the
links provided to learn more. Thanks for watching. [INTEL THEME]