Well welcome to places to seem Wales and
today we’re at another castle. We do have over 600 castles in Wales so there’s a
lot on to see. This is Coity Castle which is in the village of Coity which is
really close to the centre of Bridgend South Wales and it’s only about five
miles from Ognore Castle which we went to at the end of last year I think so
the link for that one’s down below. Anyway some history, let’s get started.
The castle was founded by the Norman knight Sir Payne ‘the demon’ de
Turberville. He was one of the legendary 12 Knights of the Glamorgan. In AD 1100 it
was just a basic earthwork castle but the stone keep and outer curtain wall
were added later in the 12th century. Major renovations took place to the castle
in the late 14th and early 15th century after Owen Glyndwr laid siege to the
English, “The=Bells” The renovations included stone vaults which replaced
the earlier timber structures and this is a central pier, an octagonal pier
which supported the vaults so quite prominent. You can see the way the level’s
been raised as well. I did have some detailed notes about the castle which
I made beforehand that being Wales, it’s very windy today,
luckily I’m sheltered here by the keep, but unfortunately they blew away. So we’re now in the inner ward of the castle and that is the keep that’s rectangular building
there. Obviously they needed a well within the enclosure to get some
water. You can still see many of their original
design features. It’s quite funny because there’s been a bit of a mishmash of rooms and
styles where they added bits on throughout the centuries. That’s definitely a later
addition, it’s a big stone chimney. You can see some of the strange features look at
this here, obviously that goes up there in an arch and this, but there’s like a
wall here so and that’s been added later or moved just beyond this is the
moat a big ditch cut away. So this room was the kitchen, again you can see
where things have been moved things have been bricked up like, back there be a big
arched doorway that’s been bricked up. This room was the original Chapel of the
castle. You can see how much rain we’ve been having
it’s a bit flooded today. Well I’m in the inner ward.
I’m gonna go out through the east gate and have a look at the external defences
there’s a big moat around the inner ward. I don’t know if it was just a ditch or
ever full of water maybe you know, if you do comment below but at the moment it’s
a steep-sided ditch. Let’s go take a look. So that was Coity Castle near Bridgend
South Wales. It’s free to get in it’s really easy to get to. It’s literally five
minutes from the M4 motorway. It’s open 10:00 to 5:00 I think maybe a bit less
in the winter have a look on the CADW C A D W website they look after a lot
of the castles in Wales, the link’s below, for their opening times. Anyway we’ll see
you next time on places to see Wales