Yo cupofans hope you are all doing Fantastic so cupocafe including um Has decided to do a coffee shop road trip today We’re going to vlog The whole of zambesi you’re gonna start to right on the end a Pretoria North we’re gonna come all the way through and end on The Cullinan Road, we’re gonna try and show you guys all the different coffee shops. So join us on this little trip Okay, so the very first pit stop Would be coffee to you. There are located here on lavender Road So if you drop one lavender is a SAS look around And then I’ll take my cure there are uh stream Meets even o’clock So coffee to you is mainly a little rose tree that grows specifically for corporate companies and a few small coffee shops little plates To do a interview soon and then will be During where they come from why they chose coffee and where they want to go in the future So keep your eyes on this channel to see the interview see Okay, so next on the list is An interesting thing about Mugabe Anymore guys Magan be now is a restaurant that sells coffee So I’ll show you the difference between coffee shop and mug and bean My name is bebe So right now we are in mug and We’re going to have a little something to take the taste here. You don’t move that toe breeze Love the new main newsmagazine love the menus So guys this is the difference between a coffee shop and a mug and beer you guys saw them Uh gonna be now now this is a coffee shop So next up is the steam room by quality’s kefir next to perfect water next to Woolworths What coffee do you guys think? Next on the list is A new coffee shop in the area so cover fans if you’ve not been juice yet Do yourself a favor go pop in say hi. Tell them that we told you guys to go there go and taste their coffee Remember what we always say you have to taste all coffees to know what you like and what you dislike Because all coffee shops coffees are different So let’s go and check bean juice art It’s being used Giving you Elson always perfect. Miss Bossi Feels like that to make ya’ll medium blending Well Now I may be juice now you have been now Second in the region. Yeah coffee shop This is our medium plant You know It wasn’t planted in classically medium roast aggressively what’s incisor? Well images a bit of Nicaragua. I still surprisingly utopian and they’re never secrets and I like that very much Nice crema ice cream That’s all medium tiger stripes. I like that Maybe see that’s why I can’t even see it even through the cameras So, let’s taste it Face is everything about a seven acidity Marcin 31 on rate soil ready round Very beautiful. Is that the secret emails? Hey Pick up over Brazil that the nuttiness the earthiness Tobacco is actually some sweet tobacco day as well on the middle of the time finishes What would you raise I’ve been out of pain Krishna out of ten that’s a good Oh 28.5 Father Yes, I want to go There’s a flier of tanzania in there that I can pick up but that could just be the fruitiness of in ethiopia But this also Come on Stop exposing us. Yeah The name yeah. Oh this is I was right But luckily the ratios away. Yeah But I love the body spiciness Get it Yeah Yo guys how cool is being juice So simplistic, so nice and clean and the owner is phenomenal. I love it guys, please go intern they Say hi to them go and trace their coffees. They’ve got cold coffee their cold coffee has been roasting for many many many many years and for those couple of things that we that we saw there that we made they So glad you guys are going out and experiencing the other coffees. It’s great teach your palate how to taste coffee Now we’re quickly going up to red truck. We’re just going to go and say hi if you guys haven’t seen The vlog or the interview with red truck go and check it out. I think it’s episode Something in the 30s 35 or 36 on the youtube channel Go and check them out their coffees also phenomenal, but it’s gonna pop in say hi for those of you that don’t know we’re great truckers You go green olive You walk around green olive and you find this little space just check us out. This is so adorable I love this. It’s so empty Kish these all tractors This little shack. No, it’s just so gorgeous. Love it guys. Please come check this out This is the famous rape truck So that brings us to a half an end the thing I love about the coffee culture about the coffee community about coffee shops in general is these guys love sitting and talking for hours Which is awesome guys. That’s what makes the coffee culture. So unique So if I didn’t get to you guys like this two or three shops that we didn’t get to because time just ran out That’s this fly. Don’t know my nose. I Will get to you guys I promise But for today, this is the end of the vlog. Hope you guys enjoyed this Give us a thumbs up if you’ll be nice enough smash The down button if you’re into that Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet, please guys we try and post as much as possible But most of all thank you guys for watching. We love you. See you on the next vlog