Hey guys, Ian Pribyl here with NoMoreBSReviews.com.
Today we are going to be talking about a product by Anthony Trister called Coffee Shop Millionaire.
And as usual, I am going to spoil it in the beginning and I will give you the details
in a minute. Absolutely horrible product. Coffee Shop Millionaire
is not something that is going to help you get any closer to making money in internet
marketing than you are right now. And as I always do, I am going to give you details
on exactly why, I will talk to you about what’s inside of the product, but first I want to
tell you why I am qualified to give my opinion. Like I said, my name is Ian. I have been in
internet marketing now for almost ten years. I have been making money in internet marketing
for about six. And I know search engine optimization. I know internet marketing, pretty much inside
and out, lead generation, traffic generation, all these things. I have studied them a lot,
and I made a lot of money off of them over the years. And so I go into products like
this, because there are all kinds of people on the internet saying Coffee Shop Millionaire
is great because they want to make a $25 commission off of you. Well, I am going to buy the product,
look through it for you with all of the knowledge I have and tell you whether or not it is any
good, and whether or not it is worth paying for. So like I already said, Coffee Shop Millionaire
is not worth paying for. And now I am going to get into the ‘why’. So what Anthony Trister
is essentially doing in this program is he is teaching you how to sell services, and
he is barely teaching you how to sell them, and I will get into that in a minute; services
like search engine optimization, email marketing, video marketing, services to local businesses,
and then he tells you to take them to websites like oDesk.com and Elance.com, these outsourcing
websites which I am very familiar with, and again I will get into that in a minute. And
he tells you to sell these services to these local businesses, take them on these outsourcing
websites, and then just collect the paychecks, essentially mark the services up, which is
a decent, I mean it is a good business model. There are plenty of people that do it. It
is not something that you as someone with zero experience can buy Coffee Shop Millionaire
and then jump into this industry and make it. And I will tell you why. First thing is, selling to local businesses
is extremely difficult, which Anthony Trister just leaves out of the picture, he never even
mentions it. That is the premise of Coffee Shop Millionaire. And it is a thing they teach
the least. What they do a lot is they explain to you what search engine optimization for
local businesses means. They explain to you what email marketing for local businesses
means. They explain to you that a video for video marketing shouldn’t be over 30 seconds
long. They give you pieces of advice like that. They explain to you what Facebook fan
pages are, and what Twitter is, which you probably don’t know by now, and you must have
to buy Coffee Shop Millionaire because they tell you about this new thing called Facebook
and Twitter. I mean, it is ridiculous. The level of education they are giving you in
this is just setting you up for absolute failure. So, the hardest thing to do, I used to run
a search engine optimization company that sold to local businesses. I managed a sales
team and it’s an extremely, extremely, extremely difficult thing to sell. Not just search engine
optimization, but video marketing and article marketing and all these other things that
they want you to sell to local businesses. Even the sales people that I had that had
years, years and years of industry experience had a lot of difficulty. There was very high
turnover in my business because they are very hard services to sell. So in case you’ve ever wanted to know the
joys of cold calling, buy Coffee Shop Millionaire so that you can start picking up the phone
and call out of the Yellow Pages. These are my notes “call out of the Yellow Pages or
buy leads from GoLeads.com,” which are going to cost you a pretty penny. I mean that’s
the kind of the advice you are getting. So that’s the first big problem, is they are
telling you to sell to local businesses and they are not giving you a whole lot of direction
on how to sell to local businesses. And how could they. They give you 12 video lessons
that’s the core of this product that are about 8 minutes each and I think one of them is
about 30 minutes. But that’s it. The average video length is probably like 13 minutes for
these videos. How could they give you an education in selling to local businesses in that time. The second big problem is they are telling
you to take these to outsourcing sites. And if you don’t have experience outsourcing,
it’s not as easy as posting a job and just hiring someone and marking it up. Managing
teams, especially international teams is something that takes a lot of work and it takes a lot
of practice. I have been doing it now for like six years. I have done over $30,000 worth
of jobs on Elance.com. I have sold over $30,000 worth of jobs and hired providers and contractors
to do work for me. And it’s a very difficult thing to manage, these outsourcing teams,
especially if you are running several at once. It takes a lot of practice and after years
I am still learning things. And so for them to tell you these are the outsourcing websites,
go to them and post jobs and look through profiles and hire someone, it is not remotely
that simply. To top it all off in Coffee Shop Millionaire,
Anthony Trister refers you to tons of other affiliate offers, services that you should
buy for your business if you want to run it correctly. That are just going to make him
all kinds of side commissions and he links you to a ton of those in the members area. So, is Coffee Shop Millionaire something that
I can recommend to you to buy based on what they are teaching? And the answer is absolutely
not. There is no way I can recommend Coffee Shop Millionaire by Anthony Trister. There
is just no way. It’s not worth your time, it’s not worth your money and it’s not going
to get you any closer to making money in internet marketing than you are right now. It’s nothing
you couldn’t find for free on Google. So, with all that being said, thank you so
much for your attention. If you actually want some free resources that will get you started
in affiliate marketing, go ahead and check out my blog NoMoreBSReviews.com. I teach a
lot about internet marketing, point you to a lot of legitimate websites, give you a lot
of free resources, some free videos, I give away a free ebook, all kinds of things, so
that people like you don’t get scammed by people like Anthony Trister in the Coffee
Shop Millionaire. So with all that being said, until next time,
I am trying to keep you guys safe on the internet. If you have any questions, please feel to
reach out to me. Take care for now. Bye-bye.