Coffee Shop Call with Demond Crump | Getting Structured for Business #272 there are four things now because it’s
starting to get time to get structured for business okay there are four things
that everybody has to start thinking about in terms of the vision of the
organization or the individuals that you’re going to be leading to do real
business remember that’s that’s what we’re going to be
talking about because because here is one thing on what you guys hear most
people in this industry and you can all my veterans all my veterans who have
been on this call for some time all my veterans know one thing they know
one thing in reference to knowing me I I pretty much like to have people
understand that as as you’re moving forward with someone you’re following
they should be but you really really have a real plan of action and when you
bring in someone to the table from a recruiting aspect you have to know why
you’re bringing it may sound simple it may sound simple but it is very very
valid you most people don’t even know why we’re people recruit with no purpose
meaning that you know because I need to bone this I need to rank advanced and
that’s why you bring people to the table instead of you looking at it as for
example that you are McDonald’s franchise and when you bring another
franchise to the table you want that franchise to be productive especially if
you get a piece of a piece of the action of what that franchisee produced and
most people they look at things too small I look at I look at individuals
that I bring to the table as a gateway to bigger and better things because that
person can offer to me a circle of influence that I didn’t have before I
met them see that’s the terms you got to be
thinking in you got to be thinking in business terms you can’t just be
thinking short term you know Oh bonus right now I get paid real quick they’re
gonna clap for me at the next event no you have to have a real business
structure they have to be purposed to it guys you don’t want to be the type of
people that’s just grabbing bodies from company to company this month they’re on
Facebook live talk about this company next week they talk
about that company then after that there will be on the side trying to talk to
you about something else listen I’m over here doing this but don’t tell nobody
I’m going to take a little position and I’m gonna connect with you and I want
you to just imma send people over there but I’m a centum through you and you
just give me a little kickback see all those little games no guys when you’re
going to do real business have a real structure where people can know hey
listen I could come be involved with these individuals and I can grow my
business I want you to understand these these things I’m about to share with you
you can do this in your traditional business in in your traditional business
but in direct sales these things should be paramount in terms of what you do
here’s the first thing okay there are several things we’re going to
talk about on today but here’s the first one the first thing that you have to get
airtight is the presentation and what do I mean when I say presentation I’m just
not talking I’m not talking about presenting the the business opportunity
that’s not what I’m talking about the presentation means you’re look
number one how you present yourself that’s very very important to me when I
get in front of people it’s very very important to me how I present myself I’m
going to go this far to tell you this even in terms of time even in terms of
time do you present yourself in a way that you’re on time for things that you
have to be involved in that’s number one do you present yourself in a way to
where you have the look that someone would want to follow you I’m not talking
about fancy clothes I’m not saying you got a ladies you got to have the Louis
Vuitton purse or a Christian Louboutin shoes and that’s not where I’m going
fellas you got your gucci belt showing and that’s not what I’m speaking about
do you have the look of decency meaning you take care of yourself did you cut
your hair have you shaved have you have you done those things it is your shirt
ironed I’m talking about that look because how are you going to sell
success looking like a mess how can you do that how can you hide how do you
think someone will want to follow you and you never look the part you never
look the part of being a successful individual I want I
want you to think about these things I’m talking about on someone because guys
we’re about to go somewhere we all all of us who have been locked in we’re
about to take a journey and I want you to be able to about these things and I
want you to start thinking about this stuff now because now you are going to
have individuals that’s not only going to be following you you’re gonna have
individuals guys that’s going to be coming to you and connecting to you
because of the way that they see you but the question I want you to ask yourself
how am i presenting myself to the public are you being professional see we tell
my permit number presentation we’re talking about are you professional or
you won’t when you online when you are on Facebook you do a facebook lives you
your marketing on Facebook are you professional or are you an individual
you think is a game and you talk in any type of way as you’re dealing with
individuals to where now your presentation of yourself is
unprofessional she has someone I want to tell you something there’s nothing more
that hurt our company Dennis distributors because what happens is a
lot of times distributors present themselves any type of way and it
becomes a reflection of the company because distributors lack the discipline
to do things the right way and listening to what you’re telling them to say hey
listen don’t ever slay the goose that lays the golden egg always always
present yourself in a way to be professional when people respect you
guys you guys are going to never see me come before you you guys go never never
see me coming for you my hair is not cut and I’m not clean-shaven and I’m a
coming for you with some shoes that’s not shine if I have on shoes or tennis
shoes that’s not white whatever the case may be because I need the presentation
to you guys to be that okay this guy’s discipline you take the time to make
sure that he’s representing me because remember to the leaders now when you are
getting in front of the room or you’re getting in front of your groups of gas
guess what bath you are representative of them so you all
to them to be very very sharp in terms of your appearance here’s the next one
here’s the big nugget in terms of presentation I hope you guys are with me
with this one you’re ready respect you may say what do you mean when you say
respect listener does respect how to do a presentation demand I’m glad you asked
guys do you all realize and I know some of you guys have been like oh my
goodness it’s been what four or five months
Demond we ready we heard we know we haven’t really heard what’s going to
happen how you going to do it when are you going to let us know what is the
deal we be wondering we waiting and and we’re waiting and be waiting guys do you
realize this was done out of respect here’s what I mean why says it was done
out of respect you guys just what you have been saying have been waiting you
have been waiting patiently you have been waiting respectfully guys I want to
you guys to make sure my initial presentation is one that was worth your
time of your week see that’s respect that I happy junkie
I’m not the type of leader that this that’s just so arrogant to think you
gonna come with me just because I’m telling you to come with me or you gonna
come with me because I’m telling a juster just a move
I’ll make it just come on whoa why are we going what’s the vision for what we
going why are we going this wrong can you explain it to me
can you show me anything can you validate anything you guys know my
singing the only way to prevent manipulation is through validation see
if a person can’t validate anything for you if a person can’t validate why they
making the move as some of you guys y’all know ask no questions yo y’all
know hold y’all leaders accountable to nothing meaning that you don’t you don’t
have them validate anything to you you you you follow guys from you y’all
follow people from deal a deal a deal a deal a deal and then I validating
anything and they doing all this jumping and doing all these deals because they
gotta pay their bills for the month and make money because next month when they
get the bills paid this month if if the deal is not working the next month they
get into it that is gonna go so well and see well so give them a check so they
can pay their bills again you don’t even know what’s going on behind the scenes
but you’re you’re so naive and and and you’re not even taking the time to say
hey hold on excuse me validate this for me I don’t want to hear no generic talk
don’t give me no Jim generic generic fake explanation I don’t want to I don’t
want a generic vague explanation on why we do what we’re doing on making this
move can you validate documents show me why explain it to me
help me understand that’s somebody that put the time in the effort before they
came before you that’s what I mean when I say respect in terms of a presentation
guys there’s a lot that had to get worked out the right way we got to make
sure a lot of the mistakes that was made we’re not making that’s why we like no
we’re not rushing no matter how long it takes you guys don’t understand I want
to start this thing we I mean faster than any of you guys on this line put
together I’m ready to get going but guess what I guess what Keyon and I
refuse to do rush we say we’re going to respect these people and when we come
before them we come before they humbly before them humbly saying listen before
you think of making a move before you come to a one dime we want to give you
the courtesy to give you the respect of a proper presentation see that’s with a
leader who has a business plan and structure is going to do it’s almost
like this see most leaders look at it backwards you look at it like the people
got to serve you instead of you understand you have to serve the people
most most people they get on the stand servant leadership they think that ok
yeah you you you know come on I’m telling you come on let’s go no you’re
going to respect me or are you gonna are you going to tell me why are you going
to exhibit I any type of servanthood before you can disrespect me in acts
minute guys you got to realize you know Norman ray ah the general charles watson
eric 50k jackson trawling Triggs GW fields these RP
that I’m naming us on this call right now that have been with us for years
well I’ll tell you you since the beginning of my career these people have
been with us for years do you guys know that I will not come before Charles and
Janet Watson without giving him a proper presentation today the general will tell
you that the general is one of my best friend he’ll tell you a man he haven’t
shown me anything in terms of the vision that he’s going to present to the
district let me tell you why because I owe it to him to give him a proper
presentation not just the fact that he made you a friend just come with me man
come with me because I’m asking you no man we getting too old for that type of
stuff when people got wife and kids people got grandkids so you’re not going
to give me the respect to be able to give me a presentation of your vision of
where you’re going when I tell you what man you may not be need to be the young
lady that I follow because I see you have no respect for me because if you’re
going to just throw something together and think that I’m supposed to follow
you that’s shit that’s telling me you have a lack of respect for Hawaii I’m
serious guys I know some of you guys made you say okay to my here you go
you’re on this carpet I called this morning you’re going too far enough no
I’m not because I’m showing you what you should demand out of your leadership and
that falls back to me so ultimately the leadership lives with me Keith Evan
should hold me accountable how can I ask keeping his wife to follow me and I
don’t give them the respect of being able to have a vision laid out for him
and dining Linda Howard and chain English and all these individuals that
are been out there and I come before you just telling you guys listen this is
what we’re about to do let’s do it come on y’all everybody get ready to rock and
roll get your change together wow you need to take no time you take no pride
you can put no effort into this you didn’t think about nothing before you
just got up in front of the room and share the vision or the lack of a vision
see leaders these are the things you got to start talking about what is going to
be your vision for your organization what is going to be your mission
statement I know just from the company on you because you’re the leader you
have your own brand your team is going to have its own plan what do you want
brand it how do you want them to respect their prospect or their former partners
what are you putting in place for them to be able to do that I want you to
think like these guys most of you guys guess what you don’t want to do great
things you ain’t going always be with us you’re not always be with me the day is
gonna come you gonna start your own company you’re gonna want to do your own
thing that’s what we’re actually hoping for we don’t believe in bondage we don’t
believe in holding you down hell you better be with me for the rest of your
life or if you don’t be with me we can’t talk no more we’re not friends don’t
call my phone I can’t return your texts that’s not the way it works for me
because the my hold on I thought you said you wanted the best for me I
thought you said if if you are meant to or mine that means that you want the
best for me without which you are not so you can’t be hypocritical about your
leadership the people can’t just be good people when they’re with you
what are they not with you would have bet on seeds your way that you should
have a problem with them you should still be able to embrace them absolutely
I want to see the best for you it’s not in my interest to see any family
struggle I’m just not into that for me to make it okay number two communication
okay the first one was a presentation we talked about your business structure for
you or for word number one are you effectively and articulately expressing
your message first things first is your message is your message effective I need
you to think about that do you have an effective message that you’re
communicating first of all before I can say that
I got to put respect in there again are you a respectful communicator guys I’ve
watched people in this industry and they try to talk to people that’s associated
with them like they work for them they try to talk to people like their
children below you guys do you realize you understand oh my
wife and I we were talking the other day and we were talking about a young lady
that would go with in the past she was she was always an issue to deal with
always always always a problem always always every time we saw every time we
talked to her uh she said she just had this way about how she wanted to do it
and everything we should give her her room to breathe but no matter what you
did with her she was always a problem and eventually we just really stopped
dealing with it but she just would never want to stop you know she would she came
back to us in reference to a move we were making and she wanted to be a part
of it and miaccount looking at each other like oh here we go
you know I’m saying because we knew our hands would be full with her we
understood this we knew what we were getting ourselves into in terms of this
but guys the one thing that we saw is that she lacked respect in the
communication for individuals that she dealt with she thought what we would
accept it that’s what we always class but one of the things that I always told
Kiana was there so say listen you never be the reason why person leaves never
remember you being the leader you have to be the best customer service
representative on the planet I don’t ever want the reason why a person left
was because I get along we not talk about the people great lies on you you
none about that if a person start lying on you and make it stuff up okay we
doesn’t let you could do about that your job is just to make sure it’s not true
your job is to make sure what they’re saying to you is not true and what I
want you guys to understand is that’s what I mean when I said you’re being
respectful in your communication with individuals that you’re dealing with
guys you can’t you can’t you can’t talk to these people like the children you
can’t treat them like they’re children you need to understand you need to have
the utmost respect for them because for you to accomplish your goals and go
where you’re going you need whatever here they go to bring
to the table you have to be articulated in terms of being able to convey your
message to these individual individuals obviously in a professional articulate
way guys we these were all things that I had to work on and these are things that
I had to learn on my journey as we begin to grow and begin to operate in this
particular way because communication is important and respectful communication
is even more important so where an individual feels like you know what I
respect that person okay I want you to know something you could be the best
communicator you can be the best uh uh you know presenter and and you you know
you you look the best and and then and all of these different things but I want
you to understand people are going to do business with people that they like
don’t ever forget that when people like you they’re gonna do
business with you that’s what opens the door for you see
where we had in our career what I’m so thankful for is the fact that a lot of
times but I pick up the phone to call an individual all I want to have a meeting
with someone the door pretty much is always open
so we’re there at least for next year what it is that we have to say very
important that you take communicating serious we have to talk to individuals
that you gonna have some call our conversations we can’t avoid that many
of you guys you’re going to have to communicate with individuals that you
want to do business with right and you have to have some hard conversations
here’s the one thing I want to tell you leaders stop being afraid of
confrontation stop being afraid of it I want you to realize that I’ve been
afraid comfort having confrontation you need to
understand you can’t be afraid of that they’re going to be times you going to
have our conversation stop always try to get somebody else to do it
I’ve always talking behind the person’s back go string to that individual guys
and address it head-on I want you to be able to do that I want you to be able to
go to an individual and have a conversation with them okay this is very
important that you do it effectively you know one of the things that I do this is
a technique that I use whenever I’m dealing with anyone one of the things
one of the techniques that I use guys is this right here I always make sure I
always make sure that when I’m going to someone and if I have to confront them
about any type of issue the one thing that I do is I make sure I defy them the
first thing I’m going to do is satisfy them I’m going to tell them about you
know the great things that I see in them so they don’t worry okay he’s not coming
to hurt me he’s not coming to just put me down this is for a reason then I
begin to share my grievance or would they need to work on because now they’re
feeling like it’s being done respectfully he’s not attacking me he’s
doing something to help me this is very very important guys that you understand
what I’m sharing with you because this is how you will grow many of you guys
you’re about to go into a space you’ve never been into before some of you guys
the people you associated with is going to be more in number than you have ever
had before you got put these things in place to
make sure that your ship is sailing in a nice smooth manner these are the things
that I think you definitely to implement here’s a number three you’re ready our
first one was presentation on the second moves communication you ready for the
third one innovation guys when I think about someone that innovates I got to be
honest with you deadlift eg love litigious Stanton
that’s the innovative mind right there boy
that litigious is on the ball I saw I saw her thing she had out there what he
was on lipstick and and high-heeled lipstick and heels climbing the ladder
of success in lipstick it is I’m looking at that I’m saying this girl ain’t
playing I’ll achieve you send me stuff with cartoons and and she’s just she’s
innovating and I love it to see her mindset and I’m talking about
a part of leadership is a leader that can innovate to where now you know you
can do things in a different unique way but it’s also relative to where you can
get outside the box you don’t have to do things I everybody else do it
see guys the way that we’re going to be presenting the vision the way that you
guys going to be getting paid all of this type of stuff is going to be
innovative the way we go and launch the company it’s going to be innovative so
where you guys going to throw this is different nobody do it like this I’ve
never saw it done like this because we want to be innovative in our approach
many of you guys what you tend to do is you think the same old same old is going
to work for everybody else you think you can go to people with the same old
direct sales jargon that they’ve heard the last 10 20 30 years over and over
and over again or here we go again where these people can pretty much say the
words that you’re saying they can literally sit in the audience right and
you could give you a presentation and they can sit there and they can sit in
themselves already know hear about to say oh you got to take a position a day
you got to get started we got so many people coming in you got to want to do
this right now are we going to help so many people give bitch and we’re going
to take you to that level and and listen if you wanna you know get with me we got
20 spots left we got 20 spots left and if you want one of them spot you need to
call me you want to do this man your conference call line that’s got
thousands of lines on it in you knock off the Lolo’s line you don’t have no 20
spot left you you ain’t got no 20 spots let’s
stop playing games you got you got you got 500 spots left
what you talk about you got 20 left 4 see you you don’t have to do all of that
foolishness to get people to see what you want them to see because you’re
doing what you got to do because hey listen the only thing you know is games
and gimmicks you know why because you don’t have no real business acumen you
don’t have a real business that you’re operating from you know you got to get
your spot today now listen I got a lot of people I’m dealing with ok I can’t
promise to you that that this spot go beat it come on man stop it you know
what I’m saying to people a take your time
let’s take your time and I understand we’ll be here you just when you’re ready
you let me know seriously I don’t I don’t have time to I don’t want to
finagle you in I don’t want to finagle you in I want to be innovative in my
approach to where you want to come in I don’t need to tell you all these games
about how many spots I got to recall in a meeting in addition to that and it is
I don’t have to do all that I want to be able to sit down ever have a
conversation like to business people because a person is business minded and
about their business guess what guys you don’t have to do all of that with them
have a business conversation with me let’s talk let’s communicate let me say
how innovative your thought process is and that’s how we move forward can we do
that she’ll show me that you’re creative as a leader what are you creating are
you the type of person you’re passive you’re going to just sit back and and
and and you’re going to tell a company which you think this I think y’all
should do this where would you go innovate why don’t you innovate and sit
it to us so the way of you think you should be implemented as a company you
do it guys I never ever ever used to send suggestions to a company let me
tell you what I’m saying it’s wrong I’m not telling you not to do it guess what
I always did I always did stuff myself first I was always the one to go out
there and go make something happen and I see I wanted to see how it works
before I try to bring it to anybody else that’s me personally because I believe
in innovation I wanted to see how the calls will go we would go out there and
make phone calls a certain way we would go out there and try this and try that
first before I try to implement I remember I remember my very first
company I started doing something called the test-drive where I was able to sell
the website to people by taking people through the website and showing them the
value of the website that’s what Devils that was the presentation literally I
stopped everybody in the company was doing PowerPoint presentations I stopped
I no longer than a PowerPoint presentation when you came to my
presentation it was the website live and all I was
doing was walking the people through the audience through the website showing
them the value that the website offers and I was signing more people up than
anybody in the company for two years straight I was the top recruiting person
in that company for two years straight when everybody business was falling
apart and going nowhere the company was saying the man high in the world are you
still growing and then the company began to implement implement the technique
that I was using they actually put it on the front of the company corporate
website the test drive and how to do it and how we did it why because I was
always finding ways to innovate instead of being passive sitting back o with you
what are you going to give us to share with individuals you know I you know I’m
not focused on people but I want to do organizations and all of this what I’m
actually question what have you been thinking about right now towards
organization stuff some like you personally what have you been thinking
about in terms of bulk sales have you been having any ideas that you’ve been
putting together an approach you go make see you you got you got to be prepared
now your innovation got to begin or what you’re going to do is be the type of
person you’re going to constantly be complaining of all the needs to be done
and now we need to do it and watch this you never send any suggestions and guys
I would have people all the time this is what we need to do we need to do
this we need to do that we need to put this together and guess what guys
you ready for this they never once let anything go you know what I will tell
people I would always tell people this hey put it in the proposal for us and
send it over so we can look at it and I’m still weak I haven’t had one
person-one to this day ever send me anything of idea today and put it in
writing do what they love to do is give you homework people you get people that
sit at the table with you and I only want to do is give suggestions all we
did and we need to do this we need to do that
oh great no problem well if that’s some you believe in you passionate about why
don’t you put together the vision for that so that we can look at it and
evaluate it and move forward with it guess what God never produce anything see innovation has to be a part of your
process see me guys I’ve been in the lab innovating for
things kill you so when I come before you i’ma show you what I put together
I’m basically going to be giving you guys my business proposal for y’all
approval that’s the way we come into the table see you have to implement
innovation in your business structure concept how do you mark I’m talking
about you have a traditional business right now what way differently do you
market your business to attract people to you outside of what they already
heard I heard that before I saw that before many of you guys met what many of
you guys have it many of you guys have it many of you guys have not been seeing
the wild factor yet for the new demonstration will be done now we got
something else we’re going to show y’all we’re going to show you something that’s
going to desk employ your mind many of you guys have not physically saw it only
the people that we’ve been going around that we’ve been physically able to
connect with they’ve been able to see the new demonstration basically and I
know some of you guys are thinking like okay well the way we do not know the old
demonstration is it’s always prehistoric I’m someone literally your demonstration
gonna be over down 30 seconds probably 30 seconds to a minute you’ll be
finished it’s done everybody that I met with when I was on a roll and and
literally to take up kitten call all cultures do complain call Wayne and
Amory hall call al Rogers call uh Charles Watson call Eric 50kg call these
individuals called Donnie Donnie Howard Ernest Hardy call these people they had
a chance to see a key debits and actually share Lucas contact them Champa
tailor and ask them was everything done in 30 seconds to one minute finished
nine boy now I’m sick about you ain’t gotta go no
further mind blowing to where it’s over it’s finished is done you know why
because we’ve been innovating we did not work because we know what everybody
thinking c15 hey guys when you when you’re innovating and you’re thinking
you want to always be one step ahead of your organization and the enemy in the
enemy in your competitors because they always ought to take you down they
always try to discourage you they’re always trying to come against you but
here’s what I want you to understand innovation always Trump’s them because
now people are thinking well what are they going to show different than we
already know what are they going to do different with what they was doing
before that’s going to make it that much special I need to just stay where I’m at
and do what I’m doing good because when you see what we’re coming
with now you’re going to be like oh my goodness now the same excitement that
begin to happen with the people that saw when we release the product at first
guess what guys is going another look that’s why when you guys begin to see
some of the videos because it’s been recorded but it’s been being shared
privately so there’s only been select people that’s been able to see this
information but now once you begin to see if publicly it’s going to be
mind-blowing I promise you it’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen in this
industry that we’re bringing to the table they got people I said in front of
and that’s why we’re saying this that’s why we laughing
they were sitting there when we first came to the mall he go which the same
thing oh can you go sue me the same thing that you bitch you on me and he is
with it and I promise you and everybody can attest to this was sitting there I
didn’t even do the demonstration I didn’t even do the demonstration that we
all accustomed to it and we all know I did something totally different
30 seconds to 1 minute he couldn’t believe what they were looking at they
couldn’t believe what it was that they were looking at at the time you know why
because as a leader we are always thinking about innovating we don’t ever
want to remain the same so for some of you guys that needs to be your mindset
you need to understand that an innovation in terms of your company your
corporation is important for you to move forward if your message difference is
your concept different if is how you pursue different are you sounding like
everybody else are you looking like everybody else does this feel like
everything else I’ve experienced no guys I’m not looking forward to that she I’ve
accepted the challenge of being able to innovate and come with something
different come with something unique come with something that exemplifies a
visionary that was the past that’s that’s what’s been going on all this
time as we’ve been in the lab because this was it for important to be able to
move forward but hold on guys what’s my last part in terms of your
business structure we went over presentation we went over communication
innovation you ready number for duplication can your message be conveyed
by people that’s associated with you do you have a clear concise message do you
have a way to do business to where now it can be simple and duplicatable to
where you can have a nice tight system to where somebody could come in see how
you do things and begin to move forward with it are you able to do that CV
some things that needs to be implemented because a lot of times i’ma tell you
something guys in the past it used to be exciting all the mine oh my goodness we
can’t wait to you cut up you’re so passionate oh we can’t wait to hear you
speak I just love when you speak I know I don’t want to hear nobody else speak
with you no that’s not cool to me anymore
because guess what that’s telling me to mine you’re not doing a good job of
other people being raised up to be able to duplicate the message it should be no
matter who’s there no matter who’s on this Friday call no matter who’s in
front of the room no matter who’s leading the event this you feel the same
exactly see guys you got to understand with the new company that’s gonna be
formulated oh no no no no station do praise Jermaine and the TJ and Jackie
and Stacy and and and the prints are pads and all you got none of y’all got
to get ready y’all got to get ready you know we taking things to the next
level meaning that it’s not going to be a thing where it’s going to be the
demand chrome show that’s not the way it’s going to work you guys are going to
be moved into positions of leadership Kristen Johnson did a phenomenal job on
that call last Saturday Saturday before no you’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna
utilize you guys gifts that’s not the way we operated so that you can
effectively convey the message you guys is about to become big boys and big
girls now we gonna put you in positions to where you better be ready you better
be in the lab preparing and innovating because the time is going to come to
where now you gonna leave it large now we’re gonna sit back and watch you
progress and take us to the next level see that’s why the message has to be
duplicatable your missus deep and everything that you have that you’re
conveying to your following they need to be able to understand it our customers
need to be able to understand what our vision and our mission is all about this
is important all of this is a part of the duplication process that has to be
able to move forward it has to be engaging guys can
you engage the individual to where now you know what I got I want to convey
this I wanted to do it I want to do this the way that it should be done and it’s
supposed to be done that’s the mindset you got to possess with the individuals
that you associating with guys you owe it to yourself I don’t want I don’t want
to be the guy say I want to be the guy that you you could never see me
but the message lives on and the message still could be conveyed and we still
progress it that’s true duplication now that’s true do if it’s always on you
then you already got you got to say to yourself I’m not doing a good job if
people only want to hear from you know behind you you already know I’m not
doing a good job meaning I mean I possibly don’t be doing a good job in
terms of delegating letting people world and some of you leaders you got to stop
that you got to stop always wanting to Mike
you have to stop always wanting the attention all the time you’ll ever ever
want to delegate and allow somebody else to grow give them an opportunity create
a platform for them and let them grow some of you guys a lot of you leaders
guess what you hope you got good messages together cuz y’all gonna be
coming on this call Friday morning coffee shop call oh yeah absolutely
ladies y’all lingo just beat on the woman’s call I like it to do the woman’s
call every once in the no no no no no no no it’s going to be Friday’s you guys
are doing the coffee shop call we’re gonna be doing a lot of traveling we
don’t have a lot of business means we’re running with you we got the corporate
staff that’s being put together now to where we’re going to be working with
them constantly so guys as I’m running a company it’s gonna be Friday mornings
we’re okay leaders It’s Showtime let’s go what’s your message because we’re
going to duplicate we’re going to create and give you the platform that you need
to grow guys but last but not least all of this should equal up to this your
presentation of your business structure the communication of it the innovation
and the duplication of it shit really really all roads she leave right here
you ready a good time happy fun guys that’s what
we want to do man we want people to have a good time with us we want to be able
to have you guys in the position to where you feel like you know what I
enjoyed this I really do I enjoy this I just enjoy what I do guys
I’m telling you right now I enjoy what I do I love it I love the fact I’m seeing
people empowered I love the fact that we’re doing some wonderful for women all
over the globe you don’t understand how I love what I do I’m happy about it
it becomes unhappy with me when I got to work with the wrong type of people but
now all of that’s over with guys you don’t understand how happy I am
I’m like a kid in a candy store I’m so happy to be moving forward and I
want you guys to be our culture it’s going to be one of fun we’re going to
have a good time it’s going to be one of celebration it’s not going to always be
I got a beat you over the head to produce you know and I gotta get you in
a room and I always got to give you you know all I gotta do this to them and I
gotta lock them in the room for five hours and I gotta make sure you’re no
man couple of minutes enjoy ourselves along the journey either you go do this
thing or you not I don’t have to do all of that where we got to be locked up all
day every day we can never have no fun you know what the launch event oh I got
them all here in Atlanta now so that’s it so so what we gonna do is we all make
sure everybody you have no time to breathe you’re barely one four people
they eat man come on take it easy and the reason why you want to crack the
whip on them you ready because there’s nothing you
doing most leaders that you find it always want to crack the whip and I
always want to give you techniques all the time for how to build a business a
lot of times they not building they believe it or not I’m serious have fun
with people man and let them enjoy themselves
let them have a great time and and the way we gonna launch this thing
and and the last weekend and the way that we’re going to do things guys
listen you’re going to have more is going to be more about you ever coming
having a great time then it would be business because most of us right now if
you don’t know about not you and go never know so we want to make sure that
the message is clear and concise and we want you guys to be able to enjoy
yourselves on the journey all of us may we get an older and I don’t want to live
my life and I don’t want to I don’t want to wake up miserable to doing something
that I’m not happy about I don’t want to wake up doing something that I don’t
believe in is uncomfortable in its and it’s miserable and I oh here we go I
gotta go I gotta go grab more people today because I’m making no money right
I want to live my life like that I want to do real business I want to put a real
business infrastructure in place so eventually every day that I wake up I
can be progressing further to my goal and once I’m able to reach those results
guys now I can live the life that I always dreamed of because I did it right
from the beginning I was disciplined and I did what I was supposed to do how I
was supposed to do it it translated to being fun in my life I want to have a
good time with you guys I want to be able to enjoy myself you should feel the
same exact way and all of these things that I’m telling you for you and your
organization that’s what it needs to translate to leaders some of these
eventual doing have a good time with these people
have a great time don’t just bring them in all the time and okay you know I’m
gonna beat you over the head and imma training you for two three hours and go
think of something that y’all can go do together some of you guys don’t even
take the time sometimes it just go ahead you know dinner with your people have
lunch you know go have a good great time with them go go go have a nice you know
you know when you’re having a cookout and different things where y’all just
hanging out man come on over we’re doing a cookout hey we we’re watching the game
together all we want everybody in town on the team come on over we don’t just
watch the game you get to listen we’re not talking about no business don’t try
to pull me to the side I want to talk business we having fun today we we have
in a space tournament know I love me some speed we having a speed
and when we comment on come talking to me about all my goodness and you know I
might be as my goal no we having a good time we want to have some fun we want
all of this to translate into an enjoyable life so we want you guys to
know today is a beautiful blessed day continue swimming in that golden stream
of income we are earning over 100 million dollars a year commissions in
our life as we know it has changed for the better
forever financially listen to me guys keep your text messages pay attention to
your phone pay attention to the latest Facebook page pay attention to my
Facebook page we will be having potentially a special call in the next
few days of bringing everybody that’s preparing a rock and roll up to speed on
some things that’s about to happen and where we’re going and and the game plan
on what everything looks like so keep your eyes and your ears open as things
begin to transpire you guys be blessed we’ll see you next Friday same time same
time guys every week