[Student] Subtotal is one dollar? [Reporter] Open for business students learning life
skills at Beaufort Middle School were selling tasty treats to teachers as part
of their Coffee House Project. [Dayna Dehlinger] The children picked recipes that they wanted
to cook we make grocery lists we walk to the grocery store had a big unit in the
grocery store with grocery lists and staying organized finding certain things
in the grocery store we also did all of the decorations we did all of the
cooking lots of math involved lots of life skills involved. [Reporter] The kids were
selling homemade goodies and brewing up some delicious drinks as a way to thank
teachers for all that they do. [Kiara Wilson] we invited all these guests and parents to come out because
we made a coffee house for them. So we are serving coffee iced coffee
treats and green tea and stuff like that [Keion Joseph] This basically for like staff we’re providing them and
thanking them for what they do for us so we’re giving them treats and coffee and
juice and things to help them and thank them for what thy’re doing for us. [Reporter] Project Unify assisted the students working in the coffee house the
organization pairs eighth graders with exceptional students. By working in the
coffee house together students were developing better communication skills. [Makadyn Carcamo] Conversation starters yeah saying hi welcome to coffee shop is having like
some talking to other people and greeting them in and selling them and
asking them how much they want or what they want. [Reporter] All the money raised was
donated to the schools positive behavior interventions and support initiative. It’s a program that promotes appropriate student behaviors to produce a positive
school environment. At Beaufort Middle School Ron Lopes Beaufort County School District