Miguel: Welcome to our podcast Code Cafeteria. We are Lara, Miguel, and Kai, and we talk about developer life, tech, games, and other things. This is episode zero and today we are introducing ourselves to you. My name is Miguel. But friends also call me Miquel. I am Lara’s partner. I am originally from Spain but I’ve been living in Berlin in Germany for almost eight years now, since we moved together here. I consider myself to be a software developer. I’ve been in the industry for about 14 years now. I did the classic career path. I was a computer nerd since I was a kid. I studied computer science and I got my first job as a developer even before graduating. But I would like to say that I was not always passionate about it. Especially during university and the years after. I never coded or learned things from my free time. I wasn’t part of any developer communities. Everyone in my group of friends wanted to quit programming as soon as possible and get on the management career ladder. Something that I also tried and I finally did. Well then I realized that that wasn’t for me. After that period of burnout I learned to appreciate the software craft. I started having fun with it and here I am! Attending conferences, speaking at conferences, learning new things. That started after moving to Berlin, when I realized that the tech culture is very different to what we saw in Spain. I’m currently working as a freelancer, and although I have a lot of experience in Android, I am doing now Flutter projects. In the past. I also worked on gaming software, not, like, video games, but casino software. I’ve done C++, I’ve done Java, back-end work, I’ve done also .NET C# technologies, even I’ve done a little bit of iOS development. I’ve even done Visual Basic too. Definitely, I like to switch technologies frequently, rather than going deep into a single one. Besides, I also love cooking, I love everything that has to do with arts and crafts even if I’m terrible at it. And also recently I got obsessed with true crime podcasts and we will be talking about that also. Of course, I love spending time with my dog and with my family. Lara: Hello, my name is Lara and I am Miguel’s partner. I am also originally from Spain but I am based in Berlin Germany where I’ve been living also for the last eight years. I am also so where developer but with a non-traditional background. When I had to apply to universities when I was 18 I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and I ended up picking a degree in biology because I knew I liked it, but I wasn’t sure if it would be my thing. After my degree, I moved with my partner Miguel to Berlin, and I spent some months learning German. During that year. I also had my first contact with programming. I was curious about my husband’s job, so I took a bunch of lightweight programming courses in Python. My recent interest in programming and my background in biology motivated me to reshape my career into a more technical path. I decided to do a master’s degree in biotechnology that was offered by a online University in Spain. After two years, I learned some of the tools that the scientists used, and also did a lot of statistics. These tools included the R language, a bit of PHP, a bit of Linux command line tools, and a bit of SQL databases. But it wasn’t for me. I didn’t like studying statistics and I went through a lot of stress just to pass the last parts of the program. I knew I wanted to work in tech because I liked building things. So I kept looking for something and I finally got a job as Quality Assurance as a mobile manual tester. While working as a tester, I also started learning Android development in a local Meetup and— Oh dear! That was my thing. I kept learning Android for over a year until I landed my first job as an Android developer. That was three years ago. Today, I still work as an Android developer. But I didn’t stop there. I’m curious and I have been liking a lot of Flutter, another framework for mobile development and also that’s supporting web, and I love it so much I became a Google Developer Expert in Flutter. Besides everything in programming, I liked playing video games, sketchnoting, lettering, arts and crafts in general. I also jumped into the podcasts train because well, I also love true crime stories. But on top of everything my favorite thing is my dog. Kai: Hi, I’m Kai. I was born and I grew up in Germany, but now I live in Wellington in New Zealand. My wife Diane and I have been here since 2005, and we try to take on the New Zealand way of life, sometimes with varying success. I’m a software developer / / engineer / architect—whatever denomination really works for people in my current role. I’ve been doing software development in the wider sense professionally since the late 1990s. I worked at a university first and then moved into commercial web and back-end development during that first big wave of dotcom and e-commerce websites in Germany. I’m actually not a classically trained computer scientist, but I majored in applied mathematics with a focus on solving partial differential equations numerically, and did computer science subjects as one of my minors at university. But somewhat it stuck with me and I ended up choosing that as a career. Currently I’m working self-employed through my wife’s and my own small company in New Zealand. Diane has mainly been working for the New Zealand government in different employment or contracting scenarios, and I more or less focus on development and consulting for a handful of small and mid-sized commercial clients. My core technology stack is Java and Kotlin on the Android side of things, and I use a lot of CFML on the backend for server-side development. And if you wonder what CFML is we’ll probably get to that in a podcast about perceived dead technologies. I’m quite engaged with the respective developer communities I’m involved with in multiple ways, mainly through conferences in speaking at conferences. But also local meetups and online communities like Slack groups, essentially. Other technologies I use are Flutter, which is reasonably new to me, JavaScript, which I reasonably hate and I’m also a big Linux fan and run my desktop computers on Linux. I play video games on the Nintendo Switch, and pretty much ignore most other mainstream technologies when it comes to gaming consoles. My current favorite games are Fortnite (and it’s fine if you want to judge me on that), Assassin’s Creed on the Switch and Mario Kart Tour on my phone. I’m listening to a lot of podcasts as well. And we recently got a new cat a black Burmese named Kylo. I hope this set of introductions gives you some idea of who we are and what we’re doing. We wanted to give you some context about ourselves, and hope you’re interested in what we’re going to talk about during the upcoming episodes. The topic of Episode 1, our next one, will be developer communities. Stay tuned!